A Market Correction like this happens every Year. Calm down. Same Shit, different Year. Here is the Evidence..

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So, everybody is crying about that totally unexpected "crash" (I would call it correction).

Fine then, let's have a look at January 2014:

Whaaaaat? A "crash" after New Year?!

This is not possible. Let's look at January 2015:

Holly shit, a "crash" again? Also after New Year?!

Holy Sh... Let's have a closer look at January 2016...

You must be freaking kidding, exactly the same shit in 2016..?!

Alright. I think I know what January 2017 looks like...

Yeah... Same shit, different year.

As you see, this is something that happens every year. So calm down guys.. No bubble bursted, no Zombie Apocalypse.. It's all good!

However, relax! Hold on to your assets and wait. Cut the internet. Throw away your phone and you will be go(o)d.

Cheers and happy panicking, trollfarmer

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Let the dummies sell from fear.

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