TRIBTC Launches BTC P2P Crypto Options Platform

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twitter-tribtc-banner-v3.png offers crypto options trading between peers, eliminating the possibility of foul play that can happen on traditional binary options sites where trading is done against the broker.

Why Peer-to-Peer?

While binary options platforms may be used in theoretical asset pricing, they are prone to fraud and hence banned by regulators in many jurisdictions. Many binary option outlets have been exposed as fraudulent.
Classic binary options sites, where traders bet against the broker, use their own index price while also manipulating it to their own advantage. Those binary options systems also drastically reduce payouts with predatory fees and practices.
It is estimated that scammers steal $10 billion annually worldwide. The use of the names of famous and respectable people, such as Richard Branson, to encourage people to buy fake “investments” is frequent and increasing.

A New Paradigm: P2P BTC crypto options trading

TRIBTC’s platform and trading engine are built by industry veterans from the crypto and finance industries. We have been building out our platform throughout 2019 and we are proud to finally release this beta version to the public, but there is much work to be done!
We aim to offer market participants worldwide access to safer and more reliable crypto options through peer-to-peer matching, cutting-edge features, and the power of Bitcoin. We will not rest until the market can fully realize this new paradigm.

Affiliate Referral Program

Take advantage of our referral program by getting other traders to try, and earn a 2.5% from all of their trades, paid in BTC automatically.

Modern Features Coming Soon

TRIBTC supports multiple order types and execution options to facilitate any trading strategy. Our dynamic fee schedule provides an incentive-based trading experience, all within a high-grade matching engine.
After our beta is complete, we have some innovations in the works that we think you’ll love, including new order types and advanced features.
TRIBTC supports BTC only for deposits and withdrawals.
TRIBTC’s simple and intuitive interface offers multiple types of trading and transaction execution options to facilitate any trading strategy.

Our platform provides the following crypto trading pairs: BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD, EOS/USD, BNB/USDT, XMR/USD, ZEC/USD, ETH/BTC, LTC/BTC, XRP/BTC, BNB/BTC, XMR/BTC, ZEC/BTC and EOS/BTC.
Trading can be executed on timeframes of 1, 5, 15, 30 minutes, 1 or 4 hours, 1, 2, 7 or 15 days, a month or a custom interval, with the possibility of earning 90% of the traded amount in the case of winning trades.
Price indexes are averaged from Bitfinex and Binance exchanges. The funds are stored in a multisig cold wallet, the withdrawals are manually checked and processed every 24 hours.

User accounts are protected with 2FA feature, as well as other security features designed to provide a more secure trading environment.

Join our public beta testnet, we would love to hear your feedback and comments. Users are encouraged to post on the Telegram channel written down below, or reply on this thread.

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Hi everybody,

First of all, we want to thank everybody who participated in TRIBTC’s Beta testing phase and everyone else who helped with feedback and suggestions.

We are also letting everyone know that the live version of’s trading platform is scheduled to launch Monday, 20.01.2020.

TRIBTC’s development team has been working continuously to improve the platform and provide a transparent peer-to-peer trading environment, absolute privacy, high-grade security, multiple types of trading and transaction execution options, a professional trading experience and a high-grade matching engine.Also, a series of internal and third party security audits were successfully passed, in order to protect the users and their funds.

In the background, we are working on implementing soon a very popular feature, the Touch/No Touch trading method, which most likely will be launched until the end of February 2020.

The team has also created a video tutorial with the platform’s features, which allows users to have a full experience of the trading environment. The video also details how you can trade against other users by matching their trades, and we encourage you to watch it for a detailed description of the platform.

Once the platform will be live, you will also have the possibility to benefit from TRIBTC's Referral Program, from which you can earn 2.5% from every trade your referred users makes on TRIBTC, by sharing your TRIBTC referral link on a website, blog, social media or Telegram groups. Maximize your earnings with TRIBTC's Media Kit containing high-quality banners and images for social media platforms, available here:

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