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Bitcoin and Steem prices are slipping. In this video I talk about my buy areas for steem. I also give my prediction for Ethereum.

ps: I tried to upload this to dtube and dlive but I keep getting errors.

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Stormy weather. Thanks for sharing.


Stormy weather indeed

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The storm is keep intensify... dont know when it will end. T_T

Great vid @trevonjb, imo we're going to pick up $steem as the school year goes on. It's one of the few dapps/platforms that are super easy to get involved with and dapps like Steepshot attract the younger generation.


I think steem is going to get real cheap here soon

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The cheaper the better at this point, so I can power-up more.

Joined during the bear market and Steem has grown on me; I'll likely use the service regardless of the price.

The Crypto Weather is my new favourite Newscast! Thanks.


Glad you’re enjoying

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Love this Trevon.


That's a great analysis..
Thanks for sharing the details..

The blazer is a nice touch!

Could someone tell me that our steem power regenerate after some time ?

Thanks! That gave me a good overview about what could happen with the prices in the future.

LOL man i love your video and the funny intro (Crypto Weather) i also sub your channel, have a wonderful day

The weather report is as brilliant as ever. I love the full body turns toward the camera with the hand movements. You said your steem buy targets in satoshi's but what is that in usd? I'd like to buy as well but only have $1000 so don't want to screw it up. USD value is something I understand.

Interesting analysis @trevonjb.

There is a storm about to hit the Atlantic coast of the US, just like the crypto markets are hitting the world.

Nice one. Love the title. I actually just wrote an article on the opportunity we have with steem -if you’d like to check it out and leave me your opinion? I would appreciate it. I do believe prices across the market will drop lower while this emotional cycle plays out over the final months. Then hopefully we start a healthy trend up

Peace bro
The weather is get bad time that I accumulate steem. Nobody knows what the future holds.

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