The points about ensuring the government gets to continue controlling everyone definitely sounds like a continuation of the American dream.

Each hearing definitely is becoming more and more pro Bitcoin/digital assets. The government officials are finally asking some questions that always seemed to be overlooked about the faulty fed system. Their mannerisms are more positive and seem to already be behind the tech.

indeed it seems like the crypto money has left the market for a bit to fund the lobbying efforts.

The bitcoin undoubtedly to change the world economy.

This doesn't come as a surprise at all. The acceptance of crypto is just a matter of common sense.

Soy nueva en steemit y me gustaría que me asesoren como ganar dinero


Video debate is only 1:04 long and NOT 1:48

Worth watching for anyone INTERESTED IN CRYPTO!

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This was an Interesting hearing though.

Have a great day.

You have no convenient way figure out so I welcome your flags.

Shrugs, doesn't matter to me one way or the other. I think the post is overly rewarded. Like any other post, how it got that way is not my concern. :)

Don't get all snowflakey on me you know the game.

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Check out
Coming soon...

That is really a cool tool!

That's a nice little gadget but it seems to be overlooking "smart market/steem" purchased votes on the most recent update.

I though we had most of those, Still digging more. If you have an easy way to detect them let me know.

Maybe I'm confused. Test one is recent, I looked at test two. Looked at test two again and this time I noticed the date at the bottom. The first time I looked I thought test two was up to date. Test one looks to be accurate.

Is the curation portion deducted from those numbers?

no curation is not removed, test 2 is just for editing purposes, the self-updaint post is currently the one from 19days ago.

Not an "easy" way but not impossible if you're looking at individual posts rather than large volumes.

The signatures of blockchain vote transactions can reveal who initiated the vote on behalf of the users. As a positive side effect: the same method also reveals autovotes via steemauto or steemdunk. The downside is: this approach is much more compute intensive and therefore slower than the bot list approach. Analyzing larger time ranges is costly.

That's we were already using this to automate the tool.

hello no ingles solo spanish

Nice post! Really usable.

I would believe that

Lol love ya whatsup!

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My friend is in Australia about a year , he's student there,some political and economic problems for iranian people I mean banking sanctions almost make it impossible to change rial(official currency of iran)to dollar $,his family was searching for a new way for transaction as replacement , finally they decided to buy bitcoin and send to him after that he makes it cash.I'm not sure about other people but a lot of iranian students in europe or canada have to returne because they can not be supplied for finacial issues.

I think it's long overdue for TPTB to give in to cryptocurrency. At the same time, I worry that when politicians get involved things get mighty screwed up. Crypto interferes with The Federal Reserve's greed


Very true, there is a group of peolple in socitey who are resistant to new developments...

Crypto is the answer of the poverty that our society has experience. They want it to be stop because they are AFRAID!

So true. Fear does strange things to people sometimes.

The simple fact that crypto is entering the public sphere in such a way is encouraging. There is no turning back now - this technology will permeate the world much in the same way the internet did, imagine what those in countries not beholden to a central banking system, or earning less than 5$ a day could do with smart contracts, and the ability to avoid the inherent flaws of the traditional monetary system.

He seems like he lost all his money in the bear market and is in revenge mode.

Cryptocurrencies is like a knife, you can use it to save lives or you can use it to destroy lives.
Case and point we just have something to use for uplifting our lives and we just have to do our homework so that we don't get ruined financially.

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