Price BTC, ETH, BCH September 12, 2018 add a discount date!

in bitcoin •  2 months ago

Today continues to be another down day for BTC, ETH, BCH , "Can someone tell me the reason?"

The price on CoinEX at the time of writing is trading:

  • 1BTC= 6280.22USD
  • 1ETH= 172.80USD
  • 1BCH= 421.95USD
    On Coinmarketcap BTC, ETH, BCH is priced at :
  • 1BTC= 6311.74USD
  • 1ETH= 173.36USD
  • 1BCH= 423.45USD
    Hope this situation will not continue.
    Virtual money market fluctuations are very strong, if you are not clear about it should invest a suitable amount to avoid risks.
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