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Last week i wrote that BTC will continue decrease until it hit a key demand level that will make the price bounce again. Today it just hit the demand level and now it's exciting to see how the price will react.

I already can see the price starting to push up just when it hit the demand leve, but i think the price will consolidate for some time on this level before shot up. I am absolutely convinced that it is a golden opportunity to buy crypto right now. XRP will show it's value very soon and show the world why it's the king of crypto.

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my fear is that it looks like the beginning of waterfall. i hope it isn't

Especially, volatility has increased in recent days, which is often seen to have high volatility in falling trends.


The BTC has passed the support level of 4900 and is unlikely to continue to fall. Unfortunately, I feel less than 3000.

So we are on the way back to $10K

I hope you right

how if the arrow change to go down again?


At this point everything is possible. Especially since we have a lot of private investors, who - other than institutional investors - are responding more emotional than analytical. Time will tell, I stay positive


What do you mean ?

I have 2 questions from you.

  1. If Ethereum continues to fluctuate with BTC fluctuations?
  2. Do you think the futuristic crypto currency is not IOTA or cardano?
    Tanx a lot



Yes, I have been buying. Best time to buy BTC all year.



Maybe it is the start of the end, the collapse of all the mundial economy... Maybe tomorrow the zombies wake up and try to get all ours brain.\n\nThis is not a financial support

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Rising prices will not happen immediately. It takes time to accumulate positions. Only after accumulation, the price will go up.

The Price talk is pretty boring dont you think!? Lets do tech talk: fungibility, privacy, fast transactions, adaption, decentralising miners (ASIC resistants), off chain solutions.

I hope XRP wont replace Bitcoin as #1 currency.
Its the opposite of decentalization and a bankers coin.

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I believe XRP is decentralized.

Yes i can wait for it to be back and to prove many people wrong. Cryptocurrency boom is happening very soon