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RE: We can now use Visa to pay Bitcoin network transaction fees!

in #bitcoin4 years ago

I dunno if you're joking or not. But that site just screams SCAM!
There is nothing they can do to ensure your transaction gets picked up faster .
VIA BTC runs an accelerator, and it's free,

But they are a huge mining pool and are using that accelerator to spread the word about BU.

For the record TradeQwik is running a full Bitcoin Unlimited node for our hotwallet as a sign of support.

But please make sure to emphasize that this credit card thing is most likely a scam before some poor sod buys into it.


And of course I opened my mouth without checking it out close enough first.
Turns out the site is owned by bitmain, i.e. antpool. So perhaps not a scam, just scammy.
This is the same company that produced most of the empty blocks last month which the blockchain is sitting chock full and nearly 100,000 txs are sitting backlogged.

So glad I pointed my miners elsewhere.

@rogerkver is there any particular reason that bitcoin continues to allow empty blocks as valid? Seems to me that would be a really simple fix to update the clients to reject empty blocks when there are any backlogged transactions at all.

The ViaBTC bitcoin accelerator is total free but has up to 100 tx per hour limit. There is review here It still won't fix the inherent issues bitcoin network face. The block increase solution is needed as soon as possible since we could see the blocks are filled up day by day.