Bitcoin dumps briefly as Some Bitcoin futures expired today.

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While manipulation had little effect on the price of Bitcoin today, the brief drop in price did allow for some to pick up some coin at a discount. With the futures expiring, it's theorized that those holding the contracts attempted to lower the price before the expiration at 4pm UTC in order to increase their profits. Unfortunately for them, this dip was quickly bought up.


Curious to hear why you think manipulation had little effect today. Is that an analysis on the volume? There was a dip the last time the first CBOE futures expired and a lot of hedge funds made out very, very well. Not claiming there is any manipulation but curious to start running some correlations between the market and futures contracts.

Contracts have expired on the 26th but they will be settled on 31st

Thank you for the report. You should create a feed setup.

Seriously flawed thinking man.
Contracts have expired on the 26th but they will be settled on 31st. If the price fall due to induced shorting than it will happen 31st Jan.
Still appreciate your passion. Thanks for the share.

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