BITCOIN: in the limit of the Count's Validity

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Quick post. BITCOIN has dropped a little bit lower than my expected level (7007 USD).

Now we are in moment to validate the Elliot Wave count.

BITCOIN is clearly in the 61.8 FIBO Level:

Also RSI shows an oversold situation which may anticipate the rebound:

If, by the contrary, BITCOIN would fall even more, i.e. below 6800 USD, the 5 Wave Elliot Count in Blue would be invalidated hence, another scenario would appear, promoting the Bearish cycle, so even lower lows...

...take care and, in top of anything, enjoy Cryptoland!!!


*Disclaimer: This is just my personal point of view, please, do your own assessment and act consequently.
Neither this post nor myself is responsible of any of your profit/losses obtained as a result of this information.

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Y si ya hemos tenido las 5 ondas y esta correccion es correspondiente a todo el impulso alcista? la proporcion invita mas a pensar esto a que de trata de la 4ª onda, y se cumplen todas las normas...

He trazado Fibonacci con todo el hipotetico impulso y estariamos a punto de llegar al 0.618. Ademas, en las sub-ondas del 1 y 3 del movimiento C de la correccion en zigzag, respetan al milimetro los niveles Fibo 0.236 y 0.382

Que opinas?


Estoy en el barco a Cerdeña pero, si, parece un buen pronóstico 😂😂 tengo mucha cobertura 😉

Que ganas tenias de decir que estas en una barco rumbo a Cerdeña 😝

good analysts have a great day

Hi, I just wanted to say that you should use the 28 day on the RSI for a more accurate reading. We are still far from oversold on the 1 day. So I wouldn't trust the current level to hold just based on the RSI. I would enter here with a tight stop loss, and I would make sure that I left funds in the wallet for lower entry points. Good luck!

Agree 100% with you.

Thank you Eddie!
Fast post with a good analysis!

Empiezo a pensar que en vez de entrar a tu blog para ver una opinion, lo hago para que alguien me de la razon xD

Y eso? Tranqui que si no estoy de acuerdo te lo diré 😂😂

Ya has visto en mi grafico porque lo decia... 😜