Good news for the steemians around the world, you can take his bonus here worth 0.025 Btc

in #bitcoin2 years ago

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Kawan2 yang sedang menikmati berbagai crypto currency (sbd, BTC, Byteball, dll )

Nyoe na raseuki lom, langsung gratis Rp. 2,5 juta atau 0.025 BTC.

Daftar nya sangat mudah cuma perlu Email.

Buruan, langsung buka link daftar nya dibawah ini :

friends all please take your bonus here, for 0.025 Btc please click the link below to register it

Ini foto bonus saya : 👇🏻


Walaikum Assalam, But Brother I think that this is fake.

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