Will Bitcoin Split this Year? What's Your Take?

in bitcoin •  last year

If you were to make a decision on what happens next to bitcoin, what will your your decision be?


In my opinion, i don't want a split. There should be just one bitcoin; The Original Bitcoin.

I have reasons for my opinion, though I'm very open to other opinions too.

One of my reasons is that having a split could distabilise the price and value of bitcoin for a while long enough to scare away investors.


Another reason is that if bitcoin split occurs, it might be unclear the validity of the coin in the next say 5 - 10 years.

What if another group comes up with the opinion that there should be another split?

So many other odds can be the case.

I would love to hear your views and opinions.

I say NO SPLIT!!!


What do you say?

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There is no question of if the split will happen....we all ready knw that the hard fork will take place on august 1st, what we should do is to keep our bits safe.


Yea, keeping out btc safe is key...

Same here I would have wanted that one bit coin, but Sori for me it will happen


I know right, hope for the best.

There will be two competing currencies a bcc (bitcoin cash) and bitcoin (original). I see bcc being more a competitor to litecoin, having fast transactions etc. I don't see it as a major threat to bitcoin. Bitcoin seems more like an investment vehicle, a standard like gold, while bcc, ltc seem more like easy payment options.


Cool analysis, hope btc holds up...

BCC can never be a threat to BTC
The split is gonna occur no doubt


Let's keep seeing a great future for btc then...

No split!

The stress on Bitcoin is much. The delay and cost of transfer are so much. If they don't do something to deal with it, Altcoins are coming with speed. So split can help.