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Hello all 👋

Are you tired of paying a fee for exchanging cryptocurrencies? Here is a simple but good trick.
Some time ago my friends joined the investment program that is taking place. But they needed to invest using bitcoin. The easiest way was to buy through Coinbase. However, it turned out that the buy / sale transactions are burdensome. The sums was a bit larger, so the fee was significant.
You can see how much Coinbase charge here.


Here are some examples of the fees.




But there is a way to avoid paying all that.

Here is the trick:

  • Sign up for Coinbase Account or sign in if you have one.
  • Deposit USD or any other FIAT currency to your wallet. It will be USD wallet for me. And it is FREE. You can find it under Accounts/ USD Wallet/ Deposit.
  • Sign up for GDAX Account
  • Sign in to that and make deposit from Coinbase account. Deposits from your Coinbase account are unlimited, instant and free.


  • Choose a market, eg. BTC/USD and place an LIMIT BUY ORDER If you want your order to be filled as ASAP make sure to choose 5 min chart and set the price somewhere close to current one. Limit orders are always free no matter how big or small. 😃


However Coibase has a refferal program.
Here is how it works:

  • Start by visiting the referral page. From this page (this is my refferal link) you can copy yours or send an invite email to a friend after signing in.
  • Your friends can click the referral link (or the link in the email) and sign up for a Coinbase account.
  • They will then complete their account and initiate a buy in one of supported countries.
    If your friend visits coinbase.com/trade and initiates a buy of 100 USD or more (or 100 USD equivalent of your domestic currency) within 180 days of opening his or her account, you both will receive a 10 USD (or 10 USD equivalent of your domestic currency) referral bonus when the buy completes. Buys can take up to 4 business days to complete.

At today's price you can buy $671 worth of bitcoin for a $10 fee. So any amount lower than that still get you and a friend who referred you to Coinbase $10 credit worth of crypto if you use a referal page.


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Hope it helps and happy trading.

~ Cheers


So sick of FEE's everywhere I GO

But the good thing is that we have an option. If it comes to FEES I've listened to an audio book UNSHAKEABLE by Tony Robbins with Peter Mallouk and they show there how fees can kill a profit.
I can share it with no fee of course if you like it and use Audible app.

Upvoted, re$teemed & following!

Thank you 👍

So let me get this straight - Deposit into USDT and then buy from an Exchange? Makes a hell of a lot of sense - some people get taxed 9.99% if they wanted to test the waters and buy only $10 of BTC - And can go up to 18% if less than $10 incrementally

Do you know of any other exchanges that do not charge to purchase or withdraw BTC? Does GDax charge you to withdrawal ? I think Bittrex charges an insane amount of .001 no matter if you wanted to withdrawal .002 BTC - That is an issue that needs addressing - I know Coinbase is in it for the 💰💵💸 but hopefully when more coins can be bought on Coinbase it'll all change quickly - I can see a 1% fee but 10-18% Insane!!

Nice post bud! RESTEEMED

It looks like Coinbase and Gdax is owned by the same company. Even log in and pswd is the same for both. So, yes you deposit USD not USDT(because Coinbase doesn't support it) into your UDS wallet and can instantly transfer it to Gdax for free with no limits. And go from there. It is a lot cheaper.

What i find out you can transfer crypto between Coinbase wallets for free and it is fast and user friendly because you can use just e-mail address for a recipient or BTC address.

Gdax doesn't charge me to withdraw to my Coinbase wallet, here you can find what are the fees on GDAX.

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