Canadian Passport Online Renewal Agengy takes Bitcoin :)

in #bitcoin3 years ago

I just renewed my passport online and paying with Bitcoin was an option! Back in 2014 Andreas Antonopoulos educated the Senate of Canada on Bitcoin technology. Here is that spectacular video!!

So happy to see they're using BTC. Of course I'm a hodler since 2014, so I used my credit card. I truly appreciate how our Canadian Gov. is approaching this new technology.

Make the time to watch this, it's truly a great video!


Can you share the link showing that Canada accepts bitcoin for passport fees? Sounds like a hoax.

lol, that's funny you would think that. I wouldn't tell a lie like that. Nonetheless, I went back to the website but I would have to go through the entire process again to get to the end where they ask for payment. I appreciate your comment though. Thanks :)

Not saying you are lying, just that it might have been a hoax what you saw. I can't find any information on this claim you are making. I'm interested in knowing more.

Oh it was not a hoax the website is legit. I have completed the process and paid online.

Ah ok, there's the answer now. I was thinking you meant that the Canadian government was accepting bitcoin when you said "Canada". You mean that 3rd party agency is accepting. That's cool. One day maybe the government will accept it directly. Canada seems to be the most progressive for bitcoin. They have the first approved fund manager who is allowed to dip his fingers in it selling it to clients (exposure to, not actual bitcoin).

Good to know!

Canucks are sneaky snakes. The official is taking BTC, holding for a week, waiting for the price to go up in that week, and getting a free skate sharpening and a new hockey stick, for free, on the carried interest from weekly rise in BTC price.

Sneaky snakes, LOL

lol too funny