Altcoin Market Updates: Bitcoin Diamond Boosted By Bithumb Listing

in bitcoin •  last year  (edited)

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is yet another altcoin to watch this week.BCD could also be the pump of the week as it has jumped almost over 15% today on announcement that South Korea's giant crypto exchange Bithumb will be airdropping Bitcoin Diamond(BCD) after its hard fork. This followed a statement released by Bithumb that it will be listing Bitcoin Diamond today.


Bitcoin Diamond's trading volume jumped from $4 million to $22 million as its price moved to $2.20 before pulling back to about $2.03.

Bitcoin Diamond topped all altcoins today, up at 15% with Genesis Vision coming second up at 13% and MobileGo third up 12%.
Generally the market is still flat and trading around $210 billion where it has been for more than a week. Bitcoin is also struggling below $6,500 since the weekend and its almost stuck there. Ethereum is also still at a very low point trading around $205. ETH price is expected to shoot upwards the market recovers and we might see a breakout anytime from now.

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