It's almost time for me to get my first payday from Laser.Online!

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Okay, okayokayokay. I've been trying to keep it somewhat updated over here ever since I popped into Laser.Online with fifty bucks. I'm the kinda guy who likes to keep it transparent, and while I'm also the kinda guy who doesn't talk about something until after I succeed at it...

I'm currently at $111 and some change USD, and it's growin' at 11 bucks a day and then some.

Next Monday is the true litmus test, and something I'm kinda losing sleep over. Next Monday I'm going to withdraw fifty bucks, getting the principal back.

If it all goes well...IF that fifty dollar withdrawal shows up in my bitcoin wallet (more than likely at Kraken by then), then I'm gonna slam it right back and add an extra hunski. Twelve days later (halfway through this month) I'll be able to fund the first four of my peoples to get 'em in and started in on it, all while continuing to grow my own total on Laser.

All it has to do is NOT fold or hiccup in the next month. There is so much riding on this, and I can't stop thinking about it. My instincts know better - never attach too much to something that can fold any day.

But my books, my music, my art needs funding, and I don't have the networking for such a thing. If I can raise this up, rise my "J Block" crew and CREATE my own pool of investors, then...well.

I have a lot riding on next Monday's withdrawal. It's definitely a huge step up, and will go far in what I'm doin'.

I'm not even looking at this as a long-term thing, not yet. No, all I need is for them to continue on for one more month.

Then I can show all of you miracles.

~Thomas Duder, Author of the Things

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Get off as fast as you can. Someone who got little burnt from bit petite

Yeah, I've been following that fiasco since it blew up two days ago. >XD

BitPetite is #2 on my list, but don't worry - first off, I only have fifty bucks invested into Laser.Online. I need them to live for two more months, if not one more month.

But two would be better.

I'm willing to hedge the loss of fifty bucks versus extracting fifty bucks weekly for a month or so...which is my plan.

Anyone seeking to invest in an HYIP for a super long term is definitely not playing the game right.

Admittedly, I'm in the BitPetite facebook group and it seems that there were red flags ever since BitPetite started. :V

I have put some euros in Bitconnect and a couple of ICOs . I expect BTC to continue for a year and make my money and some.
After my experience with Bitpetite I think it's better to just buy some alt coins and wait for the winners. My 2 cents...

And I do thank you for those two cents!

I've heard the same kind of advice before from others, too - buy alt coins and hold.

I'm kinda going with an even spread, but it's based on Laser.Online working for me for a month. All I need to do, at this point, is withdraw next week then I'm goin' nuts on it for about a month or so.

From there I'll be able to fund other places such as Bitconnect and my top list of places. I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket, and the old adage holds firm: diversify your bonds, my nigga.

Laser.Online is just my start, though, which is why I'm so hot for it to succeed for a little while longer. That and the BitPetite thing really did crush me - in terms of patterns (which I specialize in), BP lasted a bit longer than some other places which usually fold in the first month.

But, according to their Facebook group, there's been red flags since day 1 - a lot of instability and downtime, which I haven't seen from Laser.

We'll see, we'll see. If you don't mind, I may call upon you for chat and networking purposes later on, y'know?

At this point, I just hope next Monday comes and all goes well with my plans. As is, Monday I hit my break-even point (two days earlyyyyy!) and I'm at the 13-15 bucks a day build rate.

Best of luck with your withdrawal. You probably gonna have it. Two platforms down in a week it's too much :)
I rarely chat, but leave a reply here so that I see it and I'll log in.
Good night.