BTC / USD 02/02/2018 get ready for an epic recovery 8K 0.618 FIBO LEV

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enf sexy.jpg

Geometric pattern of crossed lines

lines GT sbda.jpg

If the BTC continues with this trend and enters the extreme level (condition Yes and only yes) of consolidation to then do its recovery and bullrun, how the title of the post says it.

If before, It must go through the 8.3 / 8.2 / 8.1k all graphs match that we go in that direction and enter inside of

The most BTC demand area RANGE 8K/7.8K)

BTC / USD Bitstamp Chart Global TF daily

global btc sdba.jpg

BTC / USD TF 4hs



sbda zoom.jpg

BTC Global Signal TF 240

signal sbda.jpg

Thanks for your time and reading!

LOGO BULLISH chico2.jpg




Fingers crossed :D

If the price enter in that area, it will be, in my opinion, the last time we have an opportunity like this.
Thanks for comment!

Maybe. Who knows :D

Done, now wait.

That clickbait photo is awesome

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