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Bitcoin Smart Banknotes Launched in Singapore

"A digital asset smart banknote manufacturer has launched bitcoin banknotes at a store in Singapore. Designed to make owning and circulating cryptocurrencies as easy as using paper money, they are currently available in denominations of 0.01 and 0.05 BTC."
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Bitcoin and Ethereum Gains Spur Cryptocurrency Market Beyond $500 Billion

"Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the global market, have led the cryptocurrency market to surpass $450 billion and based on the current trend, it is likely that the market crosses the $0.5 trillion mark within May."
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Bitcoin Sets Sights Above $10K After Bull Breakout

"Following a bull breakout last night, bitcoin (BTC) looks set to test $10,000 and could possibly move higher over the weekend. Bitcoin closed yesterday (as per UTC) at $9,759 on Bitfinex - the highest daily close since March 7 - signaling the upside break of the week-long narrowing price range we've been anticipating. The cryptocurrency also clocked a two-month high of $9,875 yesterday. At time of writing, BTC is changing hands at $9,776 and remains on the hunt for a big break above the $10,000 mark, as indicated by the bullish setup in the technical charts below."
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Angel Investor Amassed 10,000 Bitcoins Amid 2018 Price Slump

"Cai Wensheng, an angel investor from China and chairman of photo retouching app provider Meitu, says he has achieved his goal of accruing 10,000 bitcoins. In an open group Q&A session with tech entrepreneur Wang Feng on WeChat on Thursday, Cai disclosed that although he was holding a single bitcoin in January of this year, he moved to increase his portfolio over the first quarter of 2018 amid the bearish market's lower prices. Soon after December's record high round $20,000, the price of bitcoin started dropping in January. It reached a low for the year so far below $6,000 in February, before climbing again to over $9,700 at press time. According to CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index, Cai's holdings are now worth around $96 million."
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Bitcoin Price Challenges $10K Amid Bullish Sentiment, Ethereum Reclaims $800

"Bitcoin prices reached $9,786 Friday, May 4, as momentum continues to build for a challenge to resistance around $10,000.Data from Cointelegraph’s price index and market visualization tool Coin360 revealed two attempts to retake the significant boundary Friday, both of which almost touched $9,800 before correcting downwards. At press time, BTC/USD was hovering around $9,730, up around 5.6 percent in the past 24 hours, and almost 50 percent since the start of April."
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Bitcoin rally faces first test as it nears $10k and key test of long-term trend line

Hund-Mejean said" “After a fruitful four weeks for owners of digital currencies, which has seen the total value of all coins climb 72% to $460 billion, one analyst has suggested owners need to take stock as the No. 1 digital currency enters a crucial level. Bitcoin, which accounts for 36.1% of all coins, has closed in on resistance ahead of $10,000 and it’s 200-day moving average-a closely watched gauge of momentum for technical traders—reaching an intraday high of $9,790.94. “Bitcoin continues holding above $9k and so far things look good. But there comes a point where holding these levels goes from being resilient, to an inability to move higher,” wrote Jani Ziedins of Cracked Market in a Friday blog post.”.
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ARK Announces Imminent Release of Core v2

“ARK is proud to announce that ARK Core v2 is near completion and currently on ARK’s internal testnet and it’s very close to releasing the code for public testing on Devnet. However, the blockchain startup has refrained from announcing a specific date for the public release, saying that it would be mere speculations due to the nature of development and community feedback that is expected to shape this development. The public are, however, encouraged to participate in trying out the various features Core V2 has to offer when it finally launches. Anyone is capable of reviewing, hacking/testing the platform, reporting bugs, or even offer creative suggestion for improvements.”
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