Bitcoin is EMP proof as well. Unless of course they EMP the entire planet all at once.

How do you get confirmations for your Bitcoin transaction in a power outage? Or simply a network outage? Or both like they had across the US on Friday?

Don't get me wrong, Bitcoin is an important development for financial freedom. But anything requiring constant power and network can and will have failures that affect massive groups of people.

All the attempts to move everyone to digital cash/credit cards in the world will have the same issues. At least with old school credit cards you could make a transaction via carbon.

This is why it is recommended to have cash, gold and silver on hand. All are EMP proof.

It would be the equivalent of my BTC going in cold storage until I can hit the network. We have all so I think we are ok.

Of course, but what about if you need groceries or gas or just to get out of dodge when a major outage happens?

I'll invest in BTC and other crypto, but cash, gold and silver will be part of my emergency planning.

Yup, still have my silver just not as much as I used to have.

Silver is difficult and expensive to get in #panama. Cheap in the states tho. And Singapore is making it easier as well. This place is a good one if you or others are interested: