Getting deeper into cryptocurrencies

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

I took some time over the last month to learn from people who are well ahead of me in the #cryptocurrency space. It was time well-spent! Everyone should get a mentor to help them navigate new areas they want to learn about.

What it allowed me to do was make some well-informed moves with #cryptocurrency investments:

  1. I got setup on all the main exchanges for flexibility in investing. Coinbase/GDAX for moving fiat into crypto, Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex for investing in altcoins. And of course, 2 factor authentication for everything! Very important!

  2. I bought more #bitcoin on dips. Bitcoin is grinding higher, but when it's moved up too much, it's had a quick move down. Those have been great endpoints for me. Right now, adding Bitcoin feels like adding to any other savings account. Just do it regularly.

  3. I bought my first #ethereum. Ethereum feels like the "silver" to Bitcoin's "gold" now. I have a 3:1 ratio of Bitcoin to Ethereum, but I think I need to move to 2:1. Ethereum is around 11:1 in pricing vs Bitcoin. Some people think this will move to 5:1. I would love some feedback on these ideas in the comments.

  4. I have been getting more involved in #steemit and moved all of my #steem and Steam Dollars to Steam Power. I want to be invested here long-term, and Steem Power is how to do it. I am going to also try to post myself here at LEAST once a week. We will see if I can stick to that!

This post is what convinced me to go all in with Steem Power:

Thanks again to @hilarski and @anahilarski for introducing me to SteemIt!

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Welcome dude,
Freedom eh? Good I'll follow.
Best of luck on Steemit.
Follow me @tremendospercy


Thanks! And now you are followed!

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