This video on bitcoin Futures and the fall in bitcoin value speaks volume.

in bitcoin •  10 months ago

I accidentally stumbled upon this video on youtube while watching other content. It some how ended up in my recommended list. I watched it and got to know about his opinion on Bitcoin futures. He is offering a theory, he is suggesting that bitcoin futures are the main reason for the fall in the bitcoin value. You have to watch this video to know more about it.

He also predicted that the bitcoin will fall again on the 26th Jan and it happened exactly like that but it recovered soon the next day. He is suggesting that the whales and the wall street are actually trying to manipulate the price of bitcoin to earn profit on the losses of others.

I personally do not want to completely believe in his theory. But he has already cast a doubt in my mind for sure. I am a long term hodler so it does not matter to me what happens to bitcoin in short term. Anyways i only have a small fraction of bitcoin which is not even worth anything i believe.

What do you guys think about this video? Please help me down in the comments below.

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It is an interesting theory but I don't think anyone really knows which way the wind will blow next. It is all kind of guess work :D


After watching this video i got a little convinced that what ever he was saying in this video was true. After giving a thought the confusion increased even more. Later i decided to post it here to get some opinion.


I know what you mean! I just don't know what is true anymore and who to believe. I used to believe those TA and stuff but I don't trust them anymore as I have seen them proven wrong so many times as well. I think we got to go with our own gut and try to make informed decisions and content like this certainly helps us be more aware.


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