There is a FUD in India but why are YOU selling Your Crypto?

in bitcoin •  10 months ago

Today the market is in a very worst shape. So bad that the price of bitcoin dropped down to just 7500$. All thanks to some old timer who bought a lot of it and brought it back up again.


The question that i have to ask you guys is "WHY ARE YOU SELLING YOUR BITCOIN?" The fear uncertainty and doubt is in India not in your country.

If the fire has engulfed an American house why would an Australian vacate his house? Think of this.

This misinformation is happening because of rumors that are being spread by corporate media. They think that bitcoin is some sort of devil. For them every new generation thing is devil/satan. Don't fall for their trap. Stop selling your bitcoin.

If you had bought bitcoin thinking that you will become rich in just 1 month then you were so wrong. People buy bitcoin as a long term investment. If you are selling bitcoin thinking that it will not bounce back up, then you are so wrong. In past 8-9 years bitcoin has seen so many such fluctuation and it always bounces back up. So keep calm, relax and hodl your bitcoin.

Those selling you are gonna regret it 2 years down the road. The price might stay same or it may rise up. If it rose up then remember this no other investment gives you this much of profit. Few years ago people did not know about bitcoin. Now every one does. There are many youngsters who are waiting to come out of college. As soon as they come out and start working they will start buying bitcoin. They know its value.

The price of bitcoin is not going down on itself. It is going down because of you. It is going down because you are selling it at the price of peanuts. Yes, you are selling it at the price of peanuts.

The Indians are selling even after clarification because they hardly own few bitcoin. It doesn't effect them much. Most have hardly invested just 100-200$ worth of bitcoin or ripple. The investment looks so big only because the individuals who had invested are more in number. Most of them are as young as just 20 or 25 year old.

So, ya Hodl.

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My attitude as it's going bonkers is: "Wait. No touchy, no touchy."

Great post @themobilewriter! Keep up your good work :)


Thank you.

Hmm,yes need not to panic in current situation .One must HODL all the assets they have and wait for the couple of months there is great undercurrent for change in crypto currency investment in India.dont be panic everything will sort out in a couple of months.
It's just a temporary slow down,media must be blamed for this,some of media persons exaggerated and misrepresented the whole concept of so called bitcoin ban.lets see how things fall for crypto in India.excitment ahead☺️


It feels like detox is happening. Those who didn't knew anything about bitcoin bought them and are now suffering.


Looks like some impound bag holder try to pump and dump but miserably fail due to rumours of FM calling for ban of crypto.and without knowing the facts started dumping the coins into market that makes it fall #FOMO


I think he thought while placing a sell order that he would end up selling his coins at 9 lakh rupees, instead he ended up crashing the price to 2 lakh 40 thousand.

I am totally buying more!!