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We are constantly seeing a stiff resistance of the mother coin's value lately at $7000. That includes both its hard-forked coins BCH and BTG at $500 and and $20 respectively.

This is due to the recent Bitcoin ETF rejections that caused some minor drawbacks on its value and pulling down almost all cryptocurrency in the market.

But now, we are moving into potential reversal of Bitcoin's price(but do your own research first before taking this as an investment tip). And that's because crypto adoption is slowly rising.

First we take on Bitcoin Core - Yahoo Finance makes it tradable!

Yahoo Finance steps in the play! - By adding bitcoin along with litecoin and ethereum available on a wider market. This big step will surely create a major impact of bitcoin's value. This may also influence the decision of the awaited Bitcoin ETF proposal by the Chicago Exchange to the SEC. We never know!


Just recently, two Bitcoin ETF were rejected by the SEC - here and here This two created a major bear environment in the market in combine.

But as some of the media puts effort to take down bitcoin's integrity and value, it creates an outstanding awareness to some investors that bitcoin has its own value thru its technology.

Now we take Bitcoin Cash - Hard Fork Drama

Bitcoin Cash is always been a roller-coaster liked run from the beginning of its operation until now. Not just about its value but also on its major contributors and developers.

Amidst its major scheduled hard-fork is the drama behind the developers Bitcoin ABC, nChain and its newly announced development rival, Cobra Bitcoin. They all battle with their own proposal of upgrades in protocol for the the Bitcoin Cash network. Threatening chain splits and many more.

I know you won't mind about BCH and what its network and upgrades all about. But if you are a BCH investor and have high hopes for its development you need to be wary on your investments. READ MORE HERE

And lastly Bitcoin Gold - Bithumb opens BTG deposits/withdrawals

Nothing new and exciting here. I consider BTG as a joke. But, we know Bithumb as one of the biggest crypto Korean exchange in the industry that can massively drive BTG's value into bull action. And considering that when a new door opens for opportunity, opportunity will be taken quickly. Enjoy short term profits!


All resources are properly link and don't take this post as an investment advice. Thank you for reading!

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