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Great post, my take is BTC will never die and will not be dethroned by BCH. All this confusion is perfect timing... BTC will be heading over 10k before you know it. This dip to 5k levels was needed imo. My guess is BTC and BCH will continue to coexist but serve different use cases, just as Bitcoin and Ethereum do.


Nope. No one is immortal. People or Industries.
Adapt or Die.

Why do u say buy BTC and not BCH?

Bcash is crap. For faster bitcoin transactions with a good team litecoin is already in place

Why do u say BCH is crap

I see it like a mutiny on Bitcoin. The big miners wanted a bigger size not to benefit the little people but to have more control.

hey bro, check out my BTG analysis really quickly

If BTC cannot or will not address slowness and fees, they will surely die.

Adapt or Die.

Without correcting their issues, you see how fast BTC will become will become the "buggy whip" of the crypto-space.

I have 120 steem that I've been gathering for the past few months, I guess now would be the perfect timing to do some BTCH trades with them and try getting a small steem power up ♡

Steem way down, BCH way way way up? Yup, I'd say that's a no-brainer!
That sounds like a recipe for Insta-Dolphin!

Yeah, well that's why the STEEM price is trending a bit low. Although its still good hanging at 0.93. Should come back up even better after people make some profit on steem and re invest ^^

Steem Dollar is doing well right now, It's nice to have a stable backbone for the platform.

Steem is the spendable coin here, and SBD makes sure that your account value doesn't disappear.

Probably not the best timing to buy now after such a huge increase.

Totally agree with you ;)

I agree no chain will ever die but I also think there are a lot of misinformation and misinformed out there. It is hard to know exactly what is happening. Do you think there is possibility of BTC/BCH chain might halt due to miners shifting to other chain?

I agree confusion is at an all time high. I do not believe majority hashingpower will leave BTC for BCH though.

You mean not permanently? Because BCH presently has nearly 70% of all SHA-256 hashpower, mostly taken from BTC.

That would be a great waste as most of the world is starting to adopt BTC itself, it will not only make price complicated but will linger investments from big companies like DELL and Microsoft. Well at least that's what I think from a non trader point of view :D Might give better info once I actually pick up on trading.

@thejohalfiles and @good-karma (great name btw).
I have been very confused, as a newbie, but was less confused after my last interview with @stan. Its Posted if all of you want to see it, his perspective really helped me. There are several of them there. And at least 4 more to go! He helps un-confuse me at least :)
@thejohalfiles, I still want to interview you on my show, what do you think?

Will take a look @bluerocktalk. If you have any questions feel free to ask away. I am always around to help out. Maybe one day I would be open to an interview we will see. Thank you very much for the offer.

Thats cool @thejohalfiles, but how to i catch you? I feel like this is on another's dime here.😁
It ok if you don't want to be interviewed, just looking for someone that seems to know their stuff!

it's good trading

volatility is a great time to make money!

Maybe kim dotcom's tweet made a difference? caused a trend?

Interesting part is if crypto market is now linked / connected to twittersville :-)
Would this be "Insider trading" or "market manipulation"?

At some point the "laws" will catch up, or maybe they never will?
who knows? :-)

Yep agree with you

Also a great time to loose money.

i was thinking about "law" (regulation) and it seems to me there will be nearly nothing UNTIL there is large-scale risk exposure to public money. So at the time governments end up bailing out the unfortunate, then the regulators will have to get at it. Until then, the risk is probably
part of the ride.

I don't know lol

The problem with the co-existence view is that there is no stable equilibrium scenario between the two. They both disrupt each other in competition for the same hashes, in particular with BCH dynamically readjusting as hashpower is lost, with no such mechanism on the BTC chain. It is an irregular, unstable scenario for the two to remain alive and co-exist.

If your'e curious about the lightning network in the midst of BCH rising here is everything you need.

as per @thejohalfiles. BCH for transacting on the chain. BTC for store of value. I wonder what will be like when lightning network is set up on BTC blockchain!?

Bitcoin will eventually hit 500.000 - 1.000.000 US dollars per Btc . Ethereum will also become huge . This is the future . The few that will remain patient will become rich . Buy some btc , buy some ethereum and forget about it for 5 years .. cheers

I think that mean some people are panic selling.

Agreed 100% - this fake BCH pump and dump is fooling nobody.

Wishful thinking. It's simple economics.

  1. BTC slow, BCH fast.
  2. BTC fees high, BCH fees reasonable.
    and the big one....
  3. Jan 1, BCH will be accepted and processed through Coinbase.

#3 is the gamechanger for BCH.

Yep agree with you)

What's fake about it?

i Think btc is gonna win to long way , cause a lot of country using btc now that starbucks like big company too never escape to btc..

Agree @thejohalfiles, $10k till end of this year for BTC !

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Great time just begins

i totally agree with you BTC has come to stay

I do not agree with you, I think that the least expected

Yes, indeed!

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