The NewsCrypto Token (NWC)is now a reality

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This is a follow-up article to one previously published when the NewsCrypto project was initially announced. is a blockchain-based startup that is disrupting the cryptocurrency information and trading space has been warmly received by the crypto community and investors alike.

Feedback on the project’s announcement thread on bitcointalk by various cryptocurrency experts who have been scrutinising the startup is tangible evidence of the project’s authenticity and the potential that it holds.

This market confidence has been further cemented by the outstanding performance of the NWC token on the exchanges where it has been recently unveiled. is addressing the dissemination and osmosis of information and news within the cryptocurrency and blockchain setup, in fact, the self-funded startup is now the nerve centre of all things blockchain and cryptocurrencies. is a blockchain-linked ecosystem for all the information regarding cryptocurrency

Through an expertly designed platform, the delivers everything needed by all traders, be it newbies up to experts. This is made possible through the provision of a mixed concoction of everything from up to date information, unique trading tools, detailed analysis, and a bespoke school program all in one place.

By so doing is aiming to promote rational investment decisions and in the process morphing into the number one educational platform available for all types of crypto traders with a 3-tier system for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.

The utility token
The NWC token, a Stellar blockchain-based token with a total supply of 280 million, is the driving force behind the NewsCrypto platform. The token is used to bind continuously updated and verified technical, environmental and fundamental data from the blockchain to its corresponding product as information for Newscrypto users.

The Stellar blockchain is an excellent avenue to mint crypto tokens on as it boasts of stability, faster speeds and low transaction costs over other blockchains and this will give the NWC superiority in the market.

On the platform access to intermediate and advanced tiers is pegged in NWC tokens while the beginner tier remains available for free. This means that the NWC carries out transfers of value within the ecosystem meaning that the token has both utility and value-transfer functions within the network of applications build on top of the platform.

tiers.PNG NWC carries out transfers of value within the ecosystem meaning that the token has both utility and value-transfer functions

The NWC token is already listed and trading on 2 exchanges so far, namely Probit exchange and Dcoin exchange. Judging by its journey so far, the token has been putting up an amazing performance and holding its own value.

nwc.PNG The NWC is putting up a strong performance on Probit

How to get the NWC Wallet

The NWC token wallet can be acquired by following the steps outlined below.

  1. Download your Solar wallet from
  2. Generate your wallet and log in
  3. Open the menu tab and go to assets and balances and click add a custom asset to your wallet
  4. Add trust for NWC
  5. Asset CODE: NWC
  7. Leave Limit blank
  8. After adding manual trust your account can receive NWC

NWC Trading Competition on Probit together with Probit exchange are holding a trading competition for trades trading between NWC/KRW & NWC/BTC trading pairs from 04 October 2019 (Friday), 15:00 KST to 17 October 2019 (Thursday) 23:00 KST. A total of 75,000 NWC will be distributed to the Top 10 users proportional to the volume of NWC traded.

This is a unique opportunity for traders who are looking for a token that is performing very well to invest in while also being in the running to win the competition prizes.

The competition prizes are as follows:

1st place: 16,875 NWC

2nd place: 15,000 NWC

3rd place: 13,125 NWC

4th place: 9,375 NWC

5th place: 7,500 NWC

6th place: 5,625 NWC

7th place: 3,750 NWC

8th place: 1,875 NWC

9th place: 1,125 NWC

10th place: 750 NWC

Other important information about the NWC token and project
NWC is listed onProbit and Dcoin


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