BITCOIN DUMPED on ALL exchanges at once

in #bitcoin3 years ago (edited)

A HUGE selloff on all exchanges at the same time!
This is planned, no doubt. Any regulations coming, or what?

We're being chewed and spit out again.

Clearly this broke my TA today.

What happens next?

Either we go up fast now, or BTC goes way into the dark.


Just 1 thing to remember now.... BTFD!

We will be able to tell our grandchildren, that we were alive the day BTC died.
RIP ✞ 7.3.2018

It is one of the old MtGox wallets pouring out coins.
Not the death of BTC, but a lot of stoplosses sure got caught.

Yeah, some people seem to say that trading bots got hacked...
I have the feeling, that this is the last round of folding and getting rid of weak hands before we see a nice bull run.

That's my feeling too...
Updated the post with a nice cosy pic :)

Ahhh, that looks way better now. This could easily become a huge trend: Fortunetelling Art 👍

Definitively more fun to make chart art :)

i believe he have a will rise again 😇

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