What is Cryptocurrencies’ role in a marriage - Crypto Crepes Daily Blog Post #4

in #bitcoin6 years ago (edited)

One may not realize, crypto has substantially change a marriage life.

  1. Bread and butter is no longer an issue in a marriage, BTC and ETH are. A married couple are no longer materialistic. They do not argue about the size of a diamond or the michelin star anniversary dinner. Scalability and a new project are more far more important than gifts and nice dinner. They will stay home and watch the price of BTC going up and down. On a special occasion, they will go out for an ICO meet-up and have the snacks/pizza there. ​

  2. Family time is trading time. Spending time with family is precious, but the market is extremely volatile. The only solution is to trade together, all the time. Yes. All the time. And since you don’t see your friends anymore when you start trading, the family bond is tighter.

  3. Thanks to decentralization, divorce proceedings have never been this easy. You do not need to prove where your partner has stashed the money, you only need to know the wallet address. If your partner has dissipated any asset right before the divorce, you could trace it all. If your partner did not all-in to crypto and stashed asset elsewhere, that’s mean you have chosen the wrong person in the very first place. Blame yourself.

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