SALT Lending- We interview Shawn Owen the CEO

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

Dont want to sell your Bitcoin?

Well Salt, has an answer to that. Lending out your BTC in return for Fiat, but only being on the hook for Fiat, not BTC is extremely valuable. Their offering went well and they have already moved up in their price since their ICO.
Shawn Owen had some great answers. We look forward to see their roadmaps come to life.

IF you are interested in signing up, click here:

If you are interested in learning more please find us at

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You can do a no interest loan in Bitshares DEX.
For bts and btc.

Also the eth network won’t be able to handle the bandwidth. can’t even support a kitty game. Lol

I also hope to see their travel map come alive. Thank you for sharing a helpful link for us.

we r brothers,we can work together, I like ur post,so,I will help u and u help me @alaminbappy

Hi Arcane Bear - listen to your vids all the time. Very interested in Salt and will be researching more... GranBlock here or Crypto Gram... ha ha - a Grandma who owns and trades Bitcoin. - upvoted you

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