Bitcoin to 30,000! Ripple, Steemit and Neblio- Pamelyn Chee and I talk Crypto

in bitcoin •  10 months ago

Value investments over 2018 are important.

Tijo and Pamelyn Chee sit down to chat about the current growth of ripple. The fun uses of steemit. Neblio and Bitcoins growth of the rest of the year.

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Neblio looks promising! I'm excited to see it mentioned with Bitcoin and Ripple!

Killer graphics


check out my ripple technical analysis on my page

You're right! Strong buying momentum continues to drag Bitcoin upward, even if CME futures are trying to push it down, they will learn better than to short the honeybadger.

I'm maintaining a core Bitcoin position, but altcoins are looking even more amazing, if that's somehow possible!

Keep calm and keep on buying



Not sure how much longer btc will keep going up. I think that the longer crypto is around, the more people will get exposed t coins with better tech and eventually abandon btc. I hope I'm wrong!


check out my ripple technical analysis on my page

Do you recommend Neblio bags?

thanks for the news. it's a good thing

Nice post! I commend you for your write up concerning importance of value investment in 2018 , this is a patriotic advice to all steemians, and I quite appreciate you. I follow and upvote you.

The total market capitalization has crossed $800 billion! ✌✌✌✌

What will hype the bitcoin back up ? Peter Thiels investment news is old enough now. However we did not see a sudden surge in Bitcoin prices even then.
Without the lightning network, bitcoin sounds difficult to hit 30k mark.


Great Interview!


well done

Good post

can someone vote me im new at this and i want to now how it goes


same here :D greetings

Thanks for the bitcoin news

Patience is indeed the number 1 tip. It can be very emotional to watch the value of your portfolio fluctuate so often. These are still early days.

@thearcanebear your doing pretty good man ! Greets + UPVOTE