Storiqa could be the next Shopify

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Storiqa is currently sitting at a marketcap of about 6 million with decent trade volume of about $100,000 in the last 24 hours. Storiqa is also listed on a good amount of exchanges including HotBit, Kucoin, HitBTC, LA token, and a few more.

Even though Storiqa has been through what some people would consider a pump and dump, this coin is not dead and the team is slowly continuing to develop the original goal of token which is to create a crypto market shopping place where you will be able to use the Storiqa token to pay for everything and be able to shop without fake reviews which will be verified by the blockchain. I'm calling this potentially the next Shopify because Storiqa seems interested in following a similar business model. Shopify has a current marketcap of 15.7 B and is one of largest websites out there to offer easy website customization, the ability to dropship products directly to your customers, and the ability to sell your store to another person for a nice profit.

Storiqa has a long way to go if it's able to compete with Shopify some day, but they are currently headed in the right direction. They've updated their marketplace in testing mode and created a few different categories of things to buy including Storiqa apparel, but there aren't a lot of things you can buy on their marketplace just yet. If you look at their Roadmap it shows that they are going to be launching their Mainnet in Q1 2019. The way that Storiqa is designed right now makes it seem really similar to Etsy, which allows you buy personal handcrafted items.

I think the real potential here with Storiqa is whether they get 3rd party sellers or basically small business owners to sign up and begin to accept STQ payments for most of their products. If this happens, then I could picture this growing quickly. I also like how if you visit their website and scroll towards the middle of the page you are able to quickly and easily see some of the progress they have been making on this project. If they are able to complete all of their ambitious goals here and create a working delivery tracking system, then this could be an exciting project to watch.

Team and token details:

This is their marketplace website:


Ok great thanks @the4thmusketeer for this news about Storiqa. Storiqa are the next giants of the dropshipping business . This is a great innovation. I love what you pointed out that one will be able to use the Storiqa token to pay for everything and shop without fake reviews which will be verified by the blockchain. This is good because the blockchain is really open and the bad will be seen ans bad and the good will be seen as good.There will be no way vendors will manipulate reviews to favour fake products. Hence the customers will be protected from fake products and services.
These guys are the next billionaires if and only if they convince small business to join their platform and this will be possible if they endeavor to make their currency stable.

Yes, great points you've made here. Fake reviews are one of the worst problems on the internet right now. It will be great to see each review linked to an actual transaction. I hope to see their platform take off sometime soon. They have a great idea, now they just need to get sellers to see the benefits of using cryptocurrency.

nice concept! i have not seen a platform like this. is this the first online shopping site to accept crypto? i hope there are items that will suit my taste so i can make a few purchases.

There isn't much available for sale right now, but I'm hoping Storiqa does a good job of onboarding new sellers. I hope to see over 100 independent sellers on their platform soon that would create a bunch of unique products.

This is nice.. We can sell and buy goods with cryptocurrencies in their marketplace..

check the website and the prices seem reasonable. looks promising once they have more items to sell.

I agree. I checked their website and it looks really promising

I gladly welcome a crypto shop place but have not seen any grow to thw point that I would trust. is a good start but even then we got a long way to go.

I haven't heard of How long have they been around?

I didn´t know about this, I did´t see anything like this before, and it is really interesting to know, I´m sure it could be interesting for you my friend @crypto.piotr .... this is just a beggining I think...

what blockchain does it run on ? ethereum ?

Yes, it is running on Ethereum. It is an ERC-20 token currently, but will converted to their own mainnet by Q1 2019 according to their Roadmap.

Good to see this I participated in ICO .

Yeah.. Looks promising to me

Watch out TokenPay, their system is coming also <3

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I've order to this store before and the price was very reasonable, good quality so far and they have a very good reviews.

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Actually during the ICO boom I was introduced to storiqa.
Hope for the best.
Will look in to their shopping site.

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Thank you for this post. I purchased 141,000 STQ tokens through their ICO. I am holding them for the long term. I also have an online ecommerce store where I sell printed items (t-shirts, mugs, etc.). The store is currently on the Shopify platform and I do accept crypto. I am excited to hear about the Storiqa updates. I have not followed up to see about placing a store on their platform as yet. I will look into it.

what currency does it accept for payment?

I know stq can do that. But can i have your opinion about KAT? I really have a doubt about this.

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