Next Exchange- A hybrid decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

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Next Exchange just launched about a week or two ago and it looks great. NEXT exchange is calling itself a hybrid exchange because they are going to have a decentralized exchange-where you can trade your normal token pairs, but they are also going to have the ability to exchange between crypto and fiat including USD and EUR markets. NEXT exchange will also streamline ICO launches and allow them to be tradeable on the platform immediately.

In addition to all of this NEXT exchange will also allow for crypto pool trading, which means that you can invest in a pool of crypto trades all at once, community trading, uploading your portfolio or trade history, crypto pool mining, and even investing in a mining pool that is 100% managed. Next exchange also has a referral program and is regulation compliant- meaning that they won't go down for breaking the law.

Next exchange has also added a good number of coins to their exchange already and about two handfuls of popular community coins that will be available to trade on their platform soon or are already available including Electroneum, Collossus XT, Electra, Origin Trail, Sumokoin, Skycoin, and more.

It doesn't appear that NEXT coin is available to trade on that many markets, but you could always buy the coin from the exchange or currently on IDEX. I also think that they may allow you to just link your Metamask or Ledger wallet to the exchange in the future, but I'm not positive. Either way, this looks like a fast and easy to use hybrid decentralized exchange that will probably become very popular soon. registration is open.

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What about the Previous Exchange?

Hmm I always felt that exchanges are a space for improvement for crypto so I’m always open to look into new ones like this! Thanks for the heads up on it.

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Just wow ....we need this type of post surely.
Thanks for sharing

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Thanks! I appreciate it.

If they want to become relevant in the market they must be innovative enough to attracts more users to their exchange platform . Thanks for this vital information I will look into it and see if I will start using it also @the4thmusketeer

Wow Thanks for sharing. great post

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Nice one. Will look into next exchange as ae.alresdy doing AIRDROP which you can find details from my page. Thanks for sharing

Nice post

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Decentralised? requires KYC. This seems to be at odds with the ethos of decentralisation.

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I always use binance exchange so far it is very nice for me


Yeah, binance is good. I'm excited to see their new decentralized exchange.

Another fraudulent scam


Wow! Does everything new in Crypto have to be called “scam”? It’s like the entire world where English isn’t the primary language learned this new word called “scam” and use it to describe everything new without any more information on the subject or are you just trying to act as this post’s antagonist? OH NO! Maybe I shouldn’t have said this! He may think my comment is a “scam” too.


99% of new coins will fail anyway


It’s a new exchange not a coin or token.

Helpful post.Thanks.

Hey man how you doing today?

#resteemed Thanks for this. Has anyone here registered at the exchange?

Posted using Partiko iOS are assholes i deposit euros but i can not sell or refund so they just lock up youre money impossible to withdraw.

Lots of new exchanges coming out, hopefully then can solve some of the many problems present at the moment! I think we need a more community centred approach

As we know There are many exchanges currently. When you want to venture into such a crowded market, the key must be innovation.
The fact that it is a decentralized exchange already generates confidence. Making this hybrid is even more interesting.
The possibility of obtaining FIAT on the same platform will capture the attention of many people.
We hope to see the responsibility of the company and the comments of the first users.

Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing.

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This launching for this exchange is very good, is cause tokens easier to trade. BTW mining pool I'm not too understanding it, anyone can briefly explain it to me?

Decentralized exchanges are safer because they can not be hacked


Decentralized exchanges are the best way to maintain control of our funds. If a centralized exchange is hacked then everything could be lost.