Dether- Buy and sell cryptocurrency nearby

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Dether wants to make buying or selling cryptocurrency very easy by making each user on the platform into basically a walking ATM where you can quickly and easily sell your crypto for cash (fiat) with another user nearby.

With Dether you sign-up to find nearby buyers/sellers on the map then compare each seller's fees, check their reputation, agree to the terms, and arrange a meeting point. Once you complete a successful transaction you earn reputation points which makes others more willing to work with you next time. The Dether app will also list shops on the Dether map where you can spend your crypto. Also, with Dether you simply create a mobile wallet and scan the QR code when you're ready to make a transaction. According to Dether all of your cryptocurrencies can be safely stored on your mobile phone, so you can easily switch through other cryptocurrencies you have within the app.

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Dether is launching internationally in order to break down barriers to Ethereum mass adoption, so you should be able to exchange your crypto for whatever your local currency is. When you sign-up Dether will load other users in the app based on your zipcode to see who is nearby. Currently, Dether seems to be focused on adding ERC-20 (Ethereum based tokens) to their app first, but this may change over time. Dether is currently allowing anyone to sign-up for early access to become a seller on the Dether map.

I'm having a hard time deciding if Dether (DTH) makes for a good investment opportunity, but this is definitely a useful tool to anyone who is in need of cash when meeting a friend, paying for a taxi, etc.

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Seems interesting, and could be a valuable tool for mass adoption. I will check it out.

Love it man! You post great projects! Your GRMD Post was my favorite but this is awesome too!

Excellent idea! solves a very typical problem in our society. A great way to get cash instantly and create new relationships.

Hi, You have made a good contribution to steemit


Thank you.

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That’s actually a pretty smart concept. I’m surprised no one came up with that till now!

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How do you do it man? Your post are always so successful. Your my Steemit idol

hello, good article, I subscribed to your channel, hope you are signed by me, everyone who subscribed to me, I also signed


Ok thanks, I'll take a look at your channel.

I think I'm going to use that tool to make my life easier

Nice post.
I just give you Upvote and comments.
You also give me Upvote and comments.


Ok, thanks. I'll take a look at your channel.

Dear author, I really like your content! You’re writing in a very interesting manner!
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Please, upvote it! I’ve upvoted yours in advance.

Wow... that tool can make my life easier...Nice.

Nice project... Good apps for making our future life more easier, some more can compare each selling 's fees, this is a good idea

Well indeed dether app looks like a useful one for the huge growing crypto community, i think every crypto investor will easily understand its use case and realize its potential , nowadays as much as people are getting into the cryptoworld they are for sure looking for easier ways to buy and sell cryptocurrency and Dether is making it easier for them with this useful tool.

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This is very good concept. And they should allow to set up a filter for whine One wants to show his location based on his set criteria- to make sure one does not fall trap to cheaters and criminals

Just remember to be careful and meet in a public area to buy/sell!

Vey awesome post and investment opportunity, can't wait to see more of your fav pics!

Very interesting project, going to keep an eye on this one! Thanks for sharing.

The article is fine about Dether. Thanks.