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The HTC Exodus 1 Blockchain smartphone has been recently released for pre-orders, but when you visit their website it is currently out of stock. The HTC Exodus 1 comes with Brave Browser as it's default browser. The HTC phone will also store private keys in a secure storage on the phone with the name Zion.

Sirin Labs Blockchain Finney is also available to order this week for just under $1,000 and comes with a built in cold storage wallet and unique Safe Screen technology for secure crypto transactions. The Blockchain Finney also comes with a decentralized app store built in.

The Brave Browser being built in on the HTC Exodus will enable users to browse more privately on the HTC phone then they would if they were using a Microsoft, Bing, or Google based browser. The adoption of Brave browser has been growing at a very fast rate as users are seeking more privacy away from the other popular browsers out there like Google Chrome which is constantly being accused of selling users data away for free.

The HTC smartphone may be out of stock, but the Sirin Labs Blockchain Finney is still available for ordering right now.

The Sirin Labs Finney phone comes with a 2" multi-touch safe screen, built in cold storage for your cryptocurrency, a 12 megapixel main camera, an 8 megapixel selfie camera, 128 GB of memory storage, and an SD memory card slot.

The cyber protection of the Finney is a very important element of the phone and the smartphone comes with Behavioral based intrusion prevention system (BPS), it is full tampering proof (according to their website), it comes with an actual physical security switch like most hardware wallets that must be used to access funds. It also comes with secured communications like VOIP(Voice over internet protocol), text, and e-mail. The Finney also comes with three-factor authentication Biometric (fingerprint, etc.) Lock pattern, and Behavioral (such as detecting unusual internet activity) for extra security.


I'm reluctant to put entire egg baskets of crypto onto a single device much less a phone, but I could see this useful for travel where I need sub-$1,000 USD worth of crypto for spending and I didn't need to pull out a Ledger and a laptop to do buy something.

will wait for a couple of months to see if there are no bugs before thinking of purchasing.

Definitely, somewhat I plan to get in the near future. Blockchain-based phones do sound practical

Hello @the4thmusketeer

WAO!! I've barely read it and I already want it :) I hope soon to get more smartphones with blockchain technology, currently there is a big data theft especially thanks to android, having a wallet on an android smartphone is very dangerous.

All the best, Piort.

Yeah, the Finney phone looks a little different from a regular smartphone out there, but otherwise extremely convenient and I'm sure it will be secure.

I wanted to buy it but I don't understand so much its purpose... is just a phone with a wallet basically? I don't understand where it can be the excitement

I understand, but it would be easier to carry around an ultra-secure phone wallet rather than carrying around something else easier to lose. I might lose my phone in my house, but I wouldn't lose it in public.

Its gonna take some time for me to trust something like this.

Fair enough. I still feel unsure about trusting Ledger sometimes. I mean it's extremely secure until it isn't.

Anonymity is the biggest security one can have, they can't steal what they don't know you have. "What ledger?" hahaha

this is really innovative! hopefully it is really secure.. it's better to use it only for your crypto portfolio and not put apps there like in your usual phones.. #justsaying

dang this is good

Thanks for sharing this information. I saw this trading competition on an exchange maybe you wanted to have like a review for the project as well.

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I had not considered the possibility of this device, i am now wiser

This is awesome! blockchain phone. btw i want to join here on this trading competition give me some tips guys.

Thats a pretty good idea. We all mostly interact with our favorite chains on our desktops(at least I do) and a secure way to do it on the phone would be nice too.

yeah it will have the features of a hardware wallet, like pushing an actual button down on the side of your phone before accessing funds.

This will be interesting to see if this causes a ripple effect of blockchain smartphones coming to the market.

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This will be interesting to see if this causes a ripple effect of blockchain smartphones coming to the market.

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A built in Wallet (no matter if cold or hot) is completely dangerous. Imagine loosing the phone and everything is gone.

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Interesting post - thanks

Thank you Kanye, very cool... but seriously tho, this is amazing, but how secure is the OS??

Well considering that Sirin Labs is a crypto-based company, I would say their OS is at the industry standard.

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