2 Andreas Antonopoulos Videos That Help Explain Whats Happening With Bitcoin

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

I found both of these videos really fascinating. The first video explains "Infrastructure Inversion". It's basically what happens when a new technology appears that a lot of the society in that time period may not fully understand or even be able to comprehend how it will begin to change every aspect of their life. Examples of this would be electricity, the automobile, the internet, and now bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

This second video explains a direction bitcoin seems to be heading in. Although many suggested that bitcoin could be used as a safe haven against collapsing economies, we are just now beginning to see how this would affect the price of bitcoin. As many fiat currencies begin to falter and crash, ie; Venezuela, India, and many others, people are beginning to purchase bitcoin as a store of value and to help protect their savings. The result of this is a huge demand for bitcoin, increasing market caps, and increased price.

Both these videos show where we are at with bitcoin, and it's current place in our society. It seems with the introduction of bitcoin and blockchain technology, we haven't even scratched the surface of how these technologies will be utilized in the future.

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