Holy shit. ^ this dudes page is just a huge smear campaign against you Heajin, looks like you are doing good work if even the haters have a fan page. 😂🤣😂

So you mute me like a little fucking pussy!!! Afraid to hear the TRUTH!!! That's ok, you won't make any money from @Haejin's blog. Good luck following that circle jerker.

This made me laugh. Sorry Heajin.

It would be nice if he would laugh once in a while. But seriously, it's not too funny the amount of money he gets paid for each of the post he makes. Anyone can draw on a Chart & say the coin is going to go up or down.

What anyone obviously CAN is to write comments in internet. People having absolutely no skill tend to attack others, so they feel just a bit more... useful. Problem is, they're not adding anything.

In every community we have a few who create something and huge amount of useless bystanders who either try to learn to do something themselves or bitch around to feel they participate somehow.

Every lake has fish, plants and floating trash. You, dear sir, are this old toxic barrel at the bottom. Can't really help the ecosystem, but wanting soooo much to do something, anything, so You slowly poison the water.

Generally I see people saying "anyone can..." as useless, unambitious trash, kind of noise in the background. Anyone can, but You won't, because You're too good for it, right?

Your silly words have no effect on me little girl. Move on to your next lake.

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