Solution of parking problems

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The development of the automotive market is causing big problems with parking spaces. Parkres solves these problems through a modern sensor network to track and manage parking spaces throughout the city and various parking spaces. Using the IoT sensor network to track and monitor parking spaces and pre-offer parking space. Also help to reserve this place and payment can be made through the tokens PARKRES and the currency FIAT.


 Improved Parking Solutions

  • PARKRES let customer Find and Reserve parking spot on the click of a button
  • PARKRES will help reduce traffic situations in downtown, hospitals and airports etc.
  • PARKRES will help reducing fuel consumption and protecting environment.
  • PARKRES system give smart notifications to customers, which provides real time alerts of all available parking spots and location around them.
  • Easy mode of payment via PARKRES tokens and FIAT currency.
  • Discounted parking rates with PARK tokens.
  • Dividend plans for dividend token holders
  • PARKRES let user register their open/free parking spot on PARKRES ecosystem and monetize their free space. Its like parking Airbnb

for more information, see the website:

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