TATCH 👻 TRADING JOURNAL: [NLG] Recap on Gulden ahead of Pow2

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Hi again !

Quick recap' on Gulden ❤️:


Not much to say... stuck in the mud in a tricky TTR (tight trading range). Look for a whipsaw on the low, other than that not much to do.
Capture d’écran 2018-02-19 à 20.28.54.png


A bit more action here:

After a significant TL (TrendLine) breakout price is retesting the lows. 1600 and 1500sat have been covered.
Price is seting itself up for the "second entry" (best continuation pattern EVER). Basically 'they' are stophunting; looking for an area where to make a double bottom as soon as "they" fed enough. 1111sat seems a possible S/R zone.
Capture d’écran 2018-02-19 à 20.33.58.png
This is the best trading pattern because it offer both a high risk/reward ratio but also contains a high probability to happen.

Trading example

  • Entry: 1111sat

  • SL: 800 sat

  • TP: 5555 sat

  • R:R ratio: 14.3 🤑

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Much love


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