TATCH 👻 TRADING JOURNAL: [BTC] Quick bucks on Bitcoin before next smash (counter-trend move)

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Hi guys !

Possible quick bucks on Bitcoin long trade 🤑😇

Big picture

Capture d’écran 2018-03-10 à 21.05.46.png

  • 11800$ is a very 'marked' area and it's set to act as a potential pivot area in the futur...

Short-term move

Capture d’écran 2018-03-10 à 21.07.00.png

On the very short term price should drop a bit more but it should hit 9750$ with a very high probability (magnet area)
Best would be to enter on a short trap or a 'second entry' (pullback) on M15 timeframe in order to choice a tight SL.

Potential trade

Trade example*

  • Entry: around 9000$
  • SL: 8600$ or 8300$
  • TP1: 9750$ (very high probability to be hit)
  • TP2: 11800$ (lots of stops there)
  • TP3: 13130$ (previously 'missed' area)

Risk/Reward: from +1 up to 10.3 for the most aggressive !


Remember that on the long run BTC should drop some more; at least 5500$ !

Don't hesitate to join us on Telegram, upvote, share and ask questions in comment section.

Much love


Tatch Capital Limited


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All disclaimers and common sense apply.
No advise, just personal commentary.
"Never go full retard".


Great tips here!

For future viewers: price of bitcoin at the moment of posting is 8815.40USD

9750$ (TP1) was easily hit 🤓

Thank you for sharing. Going to specialize on Bitcoin for now. Sick of waiting for the alts. Will leave what I have in the alts and invest in Bitcoin from now on. Thanks again.

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