What will happen on 1st August!!???

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

Nothing. One more Alt coin will be born ( BCC ) that will worth $100-$1000) and it will be sold out in 30 minutes and market will be back very fast. BTC will still BTC but only one more alt will be born like BitcoinDark or BitcoinPlus, so you don't have reason to worry. Enjoy your weekend and don't worry so much. If you have extra BTC I would suggest to buy more alts because they will be back very fast at old prices that are 100-300% higher than now so those who hold BTC and thinking that will get BCC and make profit actually won't make big profit bcs one BTC worth and they will get BCC that will worth max 10% of BTC value so it is 10% profit but with alts you can make 100% min. I think it is clear but you can still be holding what ever you want.. 😊

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