Bitcoin go up but altcoin!?

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 


When will alts go up?
Once BTC stable at some point.
Why alts went down together with BTC?
Because people were scared about Segwit drama and they sold out coins into $.
Now why BTC is going up but alts still down?
Simply, segwit is about BTC not alts and once its confirmed that there wont be split, people started buying BTC.Now they will slowly buying alts again and then after slowly rise we can see fomo tim ( fear of missing out) and then big jumps can happen easily. So hold coins and buy more if you can. Share this with others so others can relax and wait for green days..

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Perhaps people are realising the majority of the 900 or so Alts are worthless clones?! Those coins with valid use cases will continue to do well. Those without a valid use case will die off! This may the the start of sorting the wheat from the chaff!!

Everything is half price, time to buy