The Origin of Bitcoin and the Mysterious Founder

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Although its use is becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia, there are still many people who do not understand bitcoin currencies. Understandably, bitcoin is a virtual and intangible currency such as sheets of paper or metal like a transaction tool in general.

Bitcoin owners can make transactions through various electronic devices such as computers while connected to the internet. The uniqueness of bitcoin lies not only in its use but also in its discovery.

How not, until now, the inventor mentioned by the name Satoshi Nakamoto is still a mystery. Some researchers tried to uncover the secret behind the name and only found a dead end. Even though he was asked to become a billionaire because of his bitcoin transactions, the owner of the name Satoshi Nakamoto never showed his nose to the public.

Like other currencies, bitcoin also has advantages and disadvantages. One of its advantages is the role of bitcoin as a very small currency affected by counterfeiting. While the weaknesses of bitcoin include the potential for missing documents (the file is infected with a virus or hacked) that is high.

Then how is the history of the discovery of bitcoin until its use can be spread globally to this day? Here's the origin of bitcoin as quoted from official Bitcoin sites, Forex Tickets, The Motherboard Vice, and a number of other sites,

Bitcoin, what kind of currency?

Speaking of definitions, bitcoin is generally a virtual currency that allows people to conduct financial transactions directly using certain electronic devices.

More specifically, bitcoin is not a special currency in a country or bank. The value of the currency is determined only based on its use and the foreign exchange market (forex).

Bitcoin issuance is carried out through free computer codes and the amount cannot exceed 21 million to prevent the emergence of inflation policies. Bitcoin also does not have an operating center like a bank to hold transaction records.

However, account records are still recorded in the bitcoin network randomly on a computer. In addition, bitcoin also uses cryptographic systems for payments between two parties.

Bitcoin shipping can also be done directly between the seller and the buyer or through a third party such as PayPal. In addition, bitcoin can also be exchanged with conventional currencies such as euros, dollars and more. But the exchange can only be done via an internet network such as MtGox.

The inventor of Bitcoin is still a mystery

Until now the discussion of the origin and inventors of Bitcoin will lead to one name, namely Satoshi Nakamoto. Named but intangible seems to be very appropriate to describe the owner of the name Satoshi Nakamoto which is still a mystery until now.

There is no record of Nakamoto's identity or the recording of the creation of bitcoin. But in his profile on the P2P Foundation site, Nakamoto claimed to be a 38-year-old man living in Japan.

It is certainly very strange to see his expertise in English and often uses very strong American spelling in his writing. What's more, bitcoin software is not documented and labeled in Japanese.

In addition, the written English format in its employees shows that Nakamoto is indeed an English man. The researchers believe, Nakamoto is the name of a person or group and is trying to trick the public with various disguises.

But the first launch of bitcoin software spread speculation that its creation could not only be done by one person and was a joint collaborative effort. This speculation made Satoshi Nakamoto allegedly not the name of one person but as a group of people who created bitcoin.

Some researchers try to reveal the true identity of the inventor but always end in a deadlock. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? His identity is still closed until now.

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