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As everybody know, Bitcoin went down to almost 3000 dollars now and so many people in the world are in pain, pretty sure even some long time "hodlers" are probably starting to regret not having sold everything last year. Anyway, what did I want to say? Oh yeah, crypto influencers, fuck you.

Youtubers, analysts on whatever platform, I'm pissed at all of you, you fucking bums. Why so pissed? I'll break it down in three points, I could do 10 but for a rant post I don't want to spend so much time.

Bitcoin $50.000 by the end of 2019

How stupid do you people feel now? Do you fucking know how much money people lost because of that dumb prediction, you fucking scums?

No, I didn't buy that much in 2018, the only stuff I bought were new altcoins so that prediction didn't really affect me and I knew it was almost impossible to reach that number in 2018.

So what, people can't make predictions now? No you fucking shouldn't when you know for a fact that most people following you are newbies or non experts and they'll believe whatever the fuck you say...

This is not financial advise...

Fuck you. One more time, fuck you. Who the fuck do you think is watching your videos or reading your articles? Most of people are following you to get suggestions on how to invest their money, you fucking scumbags, people who know their shit wouldn't watch your fucking videos or read your articles.

Take responsibility or shut the fuck up. And no I wasn't affected by that either, I always did my own research but you can't expect everyone to do so. Not your problem? Fuck you, people lost all their savings because of some dumb shit you said, how can you people be so fucking careless and heartless?

"Most of the November-December 2017 new crazy investors lost everything it's a good thing for crypto"

I heard this so many times in these last few months and how can you fucking say that? I wish I could fucking meet one of you and kick your ass you fucking scum. That sentence is so disgusting and hey piece of shit, you need new investors for your shit to go up. So new investors with crazy expectations fucked up crypto in those few months? I don't remember you idiots complaining about it when you saw the price skyrocketing and I don't remember you warning about this capitulation and one more thing if you were that wise why didn't you all fucking sell so to balance all those newbies euphoria? You didn't do shit and now you say that people losing everything is a good thing? Fuck you.

Yes, I'll admit it, I did start investing in crypto at the beginning of last winter so yeah I was one of those "dreamers" but you, old investors, you were always dreamers too, you just started dreaming at a better time...anywat one last time, fuck you.


Yup, always do your own due diligence and never listen to anyone when it comes to investing.
I learned my lesson the hard way when i was stock trading. Financial reporters from broking house recommends a buy on a stock. The next day the stock plummet and you never hear from the reporter again.

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