What is the Future of CryptoCurrency?

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What is the Future of CryptoCurrency?

What is the Future of Cryptocurrency does it remains in this Digital internet and in this world?


My Question was Yes Due to Greater Amount of Cryptos Cryptocurrency Prices was Rapidly decreases but it not occurs in all days One Months Like December all

Crypto always increased But what occurs in this Decemeber Down or up.Pump or Dump.

According to Prediction and analysis fully reports was also Generated Like that Bitcoin was now at a time will be Goes to very Down but at a short term

not for lonlong-term far at a time not invest in Crypto Low Price not High Like 10k$ and others amount that's are LOOKING like Huge not invest.

My Advise not invest many more many in Crypto as you getting Loss.


I like your post too much, bitcoin of the world The only currency that is Which millions of people are using, Bit cost price The more you come down more than this Increases, Bit cost price now Is too low In 2019 Bit cost price
$ 35,000 will go, This last bit will cost the price bitcoin End I think This bit will be the last price Because I'm sure
Will not go beyond that what do you think Bit price will go ahead Answer me

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