SwiftCash - How To Redeem a HODL Deposit After It Matures

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First you need to find the HODL deposit transaction: Example
Screenshot from 2020-05-11 15-40-21.png

Then you need to click on the Scripts tab
Screenshot from 2020-05-13 20-10-18.png

Then you need to copy the second script after OP_RETURN
Screenshot from 2020-05-13 20-11-17.png

Then you need to go to https://coinbin.swiftcash.cc
Screenshot from 2020-05-13 20-14-05.png

Go to New -> Transaction, paste the redeem script and click LOAD
Screenshot from 2020-05-13 20-17-08.png

Enter a SWIFT address to receive your coins and fill the amount
You can copy the whole amount -0.001 SWIFT for tx fee
Click submit and copy the tx hex
Screenshot from 2020-05-13 20-22-44.png

Go to Sign, paste the tx hex and then copy paste your private key
Click submit and copy the new tx hex
Screenshot from 2020-05-13 20-25-24.png

Go to Broadcast, paste the new tx hex and click submit

Screenshot from 2020-05-13 20-27-15.png

That's it! If everything goes well, you should see a success message with a link to view the transaction on the browser!


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