Four Eternal Values Of Evernomics: Space, Vitality, Existence and Time.

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Evernomics is the study of human attempts to improve lives of individuals and societies. It assumes the objectivity of four eternal human values: Space, Vitality (from the Latin word 'vita'), Existence and Time.

Contemporary economics has the developed valuing tool - its mathematical apparatus - as well as a very detailed understanding of the objects it aims to value - raw materials and products made from them - but it has no the value / measurement system, which makes it impossible to build the long term strategy of personal and societal lives improvement.

It means that on a macro and micro economical levels (or on the levels of individual an communal planning) the modern economics can propose a number of short term maxim-min strategies of accounting balances growth coupled with costs optimization programs.

On the other hand the modern economics systematically comes short in explaining and predicting the behavior of individuals and societies. It also proves to be incapable to provide those agents with a set of practical tools to sustain personal and communal growth as well as to generate an universal consensus about the main goals of the human civilization development.

Evernomics' objective is to overcame those shortcomings and to propose theories and methods, which might be used by two main Evernomics subjects - individuals and societies - to grow and to prosper all time in the future.

Existence is valued the most by Evernomics subjects. Every living thing and their groups strive to exist at any cost and that is not changing ever.

Vitality is valued second after Existence by Evernomics subjects. It includes health, intellect and moral, which allows those subjects to compete / cooperate with each other and to face the environmental hazards.

Space and its growth (as in home-space) or its reduction (as in travel) is the third main value priority of both individual and societies of Evernomics. With no Space living beings and communities can't exist.

Time is the fourth value prerogative of Evernomics subjects. Humans has no organs to measure (hence to value) time and because of that they tend to value it the least.

In Evernomics every material object it considers has a four digit code linked to it. Each position in this code is a single digit number from 1 to 9 associated with each of its four core values - Space, Vitality, Existence and Time. This number presents itself the universal, mathematical consensus reached by the human society on the universal value of this particular objects at that particular moment of time.

The scientific method used by Evernomics is to study, to explain and to propose the measures to alleviate the differences existing between SVET Values of all material objects and their current prices expressed in the most popular stores of values / medium of transactions / units of accounts.

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