Cloud mining. In profit we trust. Really?

in bitcoin •  10 months ago

Hey guys, what's going on in the crypto world? It annoyed me in the bitcoin-world when so many guys most of the time have nothing other in their mind than making their profit. "In profit we trust"? Really? When this is your fast and stupid goal, go away from crypto. I often see this phenomena especially in twitter when it comes to cloud-mining companies or other kind of companies where most people smell fast profit and spraying FUD.
Just my 2 cents for today. I really hope bitcoin gets some more huge dips in the future that will get rid of these kind of people. These mentality belongs to the old world system.

I myself for example have a youtube-channel with near 700 followers (see my link on top in my steemit-account). I know that's not much but I could monetize it and get some bucks every day from advertisements. But I don't do it because I hate advertisements. So when I hate something for myself I will not put the same on my viewers too. Simple rulez. Peace.

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