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The first of two Bitcoin Forks are coming! What does this mean for the value of Bitcoin Vs alt coins?? And what should you do?

The market moved pretty much instantly after this video - so you should watch ASAP!

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Great vid! Explains: Why are the alt coins going to plummet for the rest of the month? Bitcoin going up? Rarely do we have such a sure thing going down.

When the fork happens, you get BONUS coins - for every bitcoin you hold, you will receive a "bitcoin gold" - the new coin being born at that moment. People, including me, did not realize this when the last fork happened last month with "bitcoin cash", which shot up to 871 I believe at the high. I could have done much better if I was hip to what was happening. I am not making the same mistake again this time.

I've read on reddit that BTC Gold fork happened on October 1st, and new coins will be send on the 25th... But gettinng into BTC now will not get you BTC Gold. Not usre if its true, but nobody refuted. DYOR before investing for it.

BItcoin mooning, alts bleeding. Get them while they're on sale!

Great video Superhero awesome channel , i invested in altcoin and i lost money

Thanks man, it was very helpful and well explained!

As an investment I would recommend ethereum. It is constantly developing as technology.

Cheers @suppoman another great informative vid ☺️

Thx for the video and the insight.. gonna get me some cheap coins as bitcoin rises.. hoddl on my friends😁👍🏽

Upvote verses Upvote


I m new in sreemit...please upvote me.

In the long run, forking may do more harm to the crypto-space than good!