Buying My First RarePepe Card with PepeCash

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What is RarePepe?

RarePepe is a trading card platform and collection that uses Bitcoin and smart contracts to make truly rare digital trading cards.


Wait...there are Bitcoin Smart Contracts?

Yes, I never really understood what Counterparty (XCP) coins do until trying RarePepe. Using XCP, Bitcoin can support smart contracts.

How to Buy PepeCash

There are currently 700 million PepeCash in circulation.

  1. To get started, go to A wallet address will automatically get created for you.
  2. Send a small amount of BTC to this address (like .05) that will allow you to pay fees when actually buying or trading cards.
  3. Buy some XCP on an exchange like Poloniex using BTC.
  4. Send your XCP to the same mypepewallet address you sent BTC to previously.
  5. In the upper right, click the little dollar symbol to see your BTC, XCP, and PepeCash balance.
  6. Click on the PepeCash balance (which will be $0 to start obviously).

Rare Pepe1.png

Click Buy PepeCash.

Buy RarePepe.png

Select a buy option from the list. And then do it.

Buy PepeCash.png

Now You Have Pepecash

Your First PepeCard

Buying a PepeCard is pretty similar.

  1. Find the card you want.
  2. Click it to flip it over and see "Buy / Sell" options.
  3. Select the sale option you want. I recommend against trying to underbid if you really want the card as all you will do is tie up your PepeCash waiting for someone to accept your deal.

By the way, you can also check out all the cards at

Click a Card.png

Click a Card 2.png

Buy a Card.png

That's it. Yes, it's a bit annoying to set up initially, but once you get going you can easily imagine how digitally trading assets for fun or profit can occur on Bitcoin thanks to Counterparty (XCP).

My Rare Pepes.png

Aww hell yeah!


I bought some rare Pepe cards recently too - very silly "Minions Pepe" and "United Airlines Pepe" - fun wallet and site! It also taught me a lot about Counterparty and how it can be used. Thanks for sharing your experience!

It's really cool to see a crypto use that isn't just speculation. I can imagine this type of thing becoming more mainstream in the next couple years.

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