Vitalik Buterin joins Bitcoin Conspiracy Theory debate

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First, I was an ordinary roadside trash Tinfoil-hat-conspiracy-Theorist when I called Bitcoin “Price-suppression aka Manipulation” through my Cartel post. Naturally 90% bitcoiners denied it as conspiracy-theory because Bitcoin is different. Everything was “coincidence” and “natural correction” and bitcoin was going soon-to-moon-100K. I was also called nocoiner by some.

Moon predictions kept rolling out and the dates kept postponing. Almost June-18 and we are still at 70% correction from the ATH.

People are realizing something is wrong

After repetitive REKT from Dec-2017 people have started realizing there is something wrong with the price trend. After 6 months of magic show most of the people agree there is “manipulation” going on. Most still don’t have a clue about the source of the manipulation though (even after I laid down full blue print 3 months back here and here.) These days twitter has mentions of “manipulation” more than the "moon". Lambos and moons are things of the past (at least for now).

Don’t worry, let it rally 1K from here and we will be back with moons and lambos.

Vitalik Buterin joins Bitcoin Conspiracy Theory debate

Today Vitalik Buterin joined the Conspiracy debate after Fed and DoJ. Life is good for Tinfoil-hats these days.

First, FED joined tinfoil hat with its research paper  — “The rapid run-up and subsequent fall in the price after the introduction of futures does not appear to be a coincidence,” Launch of bitcoin futures (CME & COBE) dragged down prices.

Then came in Department of Justice wearing my tinfoil hat when they opened investigation into Bitcoin illicit trading

And now it’s Vitalik Buterin has joined the debate. RT reports, the founder of the world's second biggest cryptocurrency Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has questioned whether the Rothschild conspiracy theory extends to digital money.

Vitalik is denying the conspiracy-theory. No surprises here. Same thing happened in Nov-2017 when CME's Leo Melamed said “We Will TAME Bitcoin”. Everyone laughed at him. Now we know, Leo was damn serious when he made that comment.

Denial is supreme in Gold space even after Gold price has been sliding for years while countries and central banks kept accumulating tons of gold every year. Everything is "coincidental" and a "natural correction". My questions is - Why that manipulation does not happen to higher side? Wait a minute, it did, when BTC went from 2K to 20K it was not accidental, folks. Now we know why.


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Where money can be made, there will always be someone acting behind the scenes..

Well put sir! Denial is strong in the crypto game unfortunately. I freaked out few months ago when a friend poured his life savings in XRP...

I am becomig sober after reading your articles... Interesting! Go ahead