4th Dimension: Bitcoin-Manipulation-Cartel — Price-Suppression is the Goal

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Every market has three major dimensions and everyone knows that

1) Technical Analysis 2) Fundamental Analysis 3) Manipulation.

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As many people are reading this, I would like to remind all — Please take this as an opinion only. I am trying to point out the undercurrents in the water we are swimming in. Undercurrents are never seen, they can ONLY be experienced. I can be proven wrong in the end. Only time will tell — Therefore “Please Validate, Verify and Trade according to YOUR plan”. Use it as a “Pause-for-thought”.

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Cartel — The 4th dimension of the market

There is 4th dimension that exists in FEW Markets, Its called “Cartel”. Its primary Goal is “Price-suppression”. Please note — it IS NOT “Manipulation”.

Is Cartel Active in Crypto Space?

I strongly feel so. I am presenting my research so you can validate yourself.

I called for Bitcoin correction of 95% before CME opened its doors. Check my Twitter account @Super_Crypto So far 70% of it is already in place. (But don’t expect 95% correction to happen in one shot. We will see many Rallies and Dumps in between. Nothing goes in a straight line. 20K is just the first inning. We are in for a long ride of a few years.)

Since When Cartel Is Active?

Cartel entered Crypto space somewhere in Oct-2017. Their presence started showing the HOUR CME-Futures Market Opened it doors for Crypto.

Bitcoin DUMP started exactly at the moment CME opened Doors at 5PM on Dec-17–2017. See this Daily Bitcoin chart (image last updated Apr-01–2018)


Don’t believe in Cartel?

I know, its hard to!

In my view, everything that happened since CME opening on Dec-17–2017 has been “Manufactured”. Bitcoin is being taken for a Ride with the rookies at CME. We will wait till the “real” players join the table.

This Is How Cartel has Worked Since CME opened

Check this chart. Click on the image and read all NEWS as they were “Released” EXACTLY at the important TA resistances levels.

Please note: The items listed under Jan-30 and Mar-07 below are the NEWS ONLY. This is how cartel uses media-propaganda to break the price. Ex: Mt. Gox did NOT sell on Mar-07 but the NEWS of this sell was released on Mar-07. Also, the Tether subpoena was issued in Dec-6 but the NEWS was released with the other critical news releases on Jan-30 with the objective to start the next dump….Why did they wait 55 days to release the Tether subpoena news and how did it hit with all other Bad news on the same day? Read this - Bitcoin subpoena news smells like insider trading Now you know why.


Do you know there were 6 days of daily dump after March-07 starting exactly at 11:30 ET?
Zerohedge has recorded it here — It’s 1130ET, Do You Know Where Your Crypto Crash Is?


A serial DUMP since Mar-24 to Apr-01!!!

Below is another interesting pattern-selling observed from Mar-24 to Apr-01, 2018. What do you see here?

Anytime price tries to recover Dump appears from nowhere

  1. All these are HIGH Volume DUMPS
  2. MOST of the DUMPS start Below the Previous DUMP Price

Does it look like a seller who wants higher price for their Bitcoin or a lower price? I see they want a lower price. Why? You tell me.


See what happened Crypto Exchange OKEx on Mar-30–2018?

This is announcement from OKEx: “Dear valued customers, At 5:00–6:30 on Mar 30, 2018 (Hong Kong Time), a number of users performed unusual transactions to manipulate the price of BTC quarterly futures contract, making it deviate greatly from the BTC index. Based on our team’s investigation, the user closed a huge amount of positions at market price without considering the cost, causing it to drop to an unusually low level. We will disclose the transactions details in further notice”

Note the words - “without considering the cost”? This is a footprint of the Cartel in my view. Will the Manipulation Stop after it has been caught? I doubt.

Want to See How the FUD is Manufactured?

Do you know on Feb-07 Someone hacked China’s central bank mailbox to email a bogus notice about bitcoin crackdown.

Bogus press invitations was distributed to US media organisations claiming that the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and People’s Bank of China (PBOC) are about to jointly introduce new measures to crack down on “all aspects and services of bitcoin trading in both mainland China and Hong Kong”.

Read the above article and ask a question to yourself — Who would do such a thing? Only those who have interest in breaking down the Bitcoin price — Right? Would an ordinary IT guy or a hacker do this? NO — because they cannot benefit from doing this FUD. Only influential cartel who can benefit by creating a FUD would do this.

Let’s get into the fundamentals of the “Cartel theory”

What is Cartel?

Here is definition of Cartel from Investopedia


Is Cartel active in all Markets?

Not many. Cartel is active in only few markets. If you look at it, in a way OPEC is also a cartel because they control the supply.

Which are those markets?

It’s Gold, Silver, Oil and Bitcoin. Bitcoin was added to the list two months back . (Invisible hand started showing its presence since Dec-2017, even though they entered the market much earlier.) Most people deny Cartel exists, even if they experience the results every day they will continue to deny until 95% REKT. Gold bugs denied it even when Gold and Silver was brought down to earth before their eyes. Gold and Silver was REKT to its production cost ($1200/$14) and many miners went bankrupt. Still there are many Gold bugs that are clueless about Cartel.

— — — The PROOF

Before you read any further let me provide the proof of price-suppression in Precious metals (Gold, Silver, Uranium and all that)

See this 25 years Uranium Chart ?

  1. Uranium rose from $5 to $130 from 1993 to 2007.
  2. Futures Market started in May-2007
  3. See what happened? DROP in Uranium started exactly from May-2007 and it never recovered since then.

Any doubts about what started the precipitous drop in Uranium? Its the Cartel people, and their playground is Futures market.


Lets look at Gold 25 years chart. Cartel started ACTIVELY Suppressing Gold price in Futures market since 2011. What do you see?

(Please note: The Gold futures started much earlier than this — in 1974. In fact Gold rose after futures were introduced in 1974. The reason it was not suppressed in 1974 was — A) there was no need to since Gold was just decoupled from USD in 1971 B) US did not have Debt of 21 Trillion that time. The need arrived with 2008 financial crisis when Gold rose parabolically in 2011 with DEBT. Since then the price-suppression actively started in Gold and Silver markets.)


Lets look at 25 years chart of Silver now. Same as Gold


Can we compare these charts with Bitcoin now? (as of Mar-2018) #

Do you see any Similarities here? What does it tell you? coincidence? Natural-correction? Naaaa. It’s Price-Suppression (not Manipulation).


So far Bitcoin has consistently gone down since the day CME futures started on Dec-2017. Will it follow Precious Metals path? I think so.

Still have doubts? See this recent news in the Gold “futures” market:

Jan 29, 2018 — CFTC Files Eight Anti-Spoofing Enforcement Actions against Three Banks (Deutsche Bank, HSBC & UBS) & Six Individuals — for spoofing with respect to certain futures products in Gold and other precious metals traded on the Commodity Exchange, Inc. (COMEX)

Again, note the word “Futures” above.

Also read “6 Traders Arrested For Manipulating The Gold Market” — Jan-2018

6 traders that manipulated the Gold/Silver markets were “Currently or formerly employed by UBS, HSBC and Deutsche Bank”

This is just TIP-of-an-ICEBERG. I hope to write a separate post on PM-suppression-scam later.
— — —

Cartel is like an Invisible Hand!! Deal with it

Who are these entities?

They consist of CERTAIN Traders, Agencies, Big Financial institutions & Media (I can list many more but let’s keep it limited). They all work in a perfect synchronization to pull coordinated attacks to attain the goal of price-suppression. See what happened on Jan-30–2018 and Mar-07–2018? (many bad news hitting the market within hours of each other as Bitcoin was sitting on a critical support at 10K). Once 10K was broken the Cartel took over and started shoring Bitcoin like HELL. today we almost hit 8K. (and we are again below 8K when this post was updated on Mar-18)

Why do they do this?

It’s all about money control. Financial elite has recognized that Bitcoin and Crypto in general is a threat to their existence. What do powers do when they see anything as a threat or enemy? You got it, they try to destroy the enemy (by all means). Therefore, It is extremely important for the Financial-elite to stop bitcoin’s rise so their show can continue.

What do they do to stop the RISE of Bitcoin? They first let it rise to unimaginable height (20K first stop). Then they drop it to unimaginable lows. They will do this many times. They have trillions of dollar to maintain the show going, UNTIL the RETAIL investor gives up in frustration. What you are seeing since Mid-2017 is just the 1st inning of 9 innings Bitcoin game.

Bitcoin has been placed into Geopolitical chessboard since Mid-2017. Most of the Bitcoiners have NO IDEA how big this game is. Crypto space is just a pawn on this chessboard and there are elite-fingers moving these pawns (Gold, Silver and now Bitcoin).

Why only Gold, Silver & Bitcoin? Why not Stocks, Bonds, ETF, Index funds, Mutual funds etc?

See this chart. If this does not explain to you why Gold/Silver must be suppressed then nothing will


Everything is about money control under unsustainable Debt load.

When money flows into Gold, Silver and Bitcoin it shows that powers are bankrupt and their “Fiat” money is worthless. If these assets rise, all the money supply will dry up and move into these assets. World will know the King has no cloths.

When money stays in Stock and bond markets it supports Fiat Currency trade. Therefore, it is very important that stock and bonds markets remain intact and have been kept elevated artificially.

In fact, you know what? There is a counter-party to Cartel in stock market and it is called — Plunge Protection Team — PPT.

Cartel’s job is to keep Gold, Silver and Bitcoin markets suppressed while PPT’s job is to keep the stocks and Bond markets elevated.

Here is the definition of PPT from Ivenstopedia


Here is the job description of the PPT in Stock and bond markets

To keep the Stocks and bond markets artificially elevated using the printed (Helicopter) money so that the dream of fake-prosperity continues for ever as the nations go bankrupt.

Why not Simply Ban Bitcoin (& Gold) and get over with it?

It does not work that way folks. There are severe consequences and repercussions of banning any asset, more so in the world of a social media.

Lets look at the history first
Most of the people don’t know uncle Sam had banned and confiscated gold in 1933 using presidential executive order. See this Gold confiscation order

Two things happen when a particular asset is banned 1) Govts and politicians have to face people’s anger and 2) the banned asset gets people’s sympathy (and people tend to hoard it even more). It did happen to Gold since 1933.

There is another option: Price suppression

This works far better than banning anything. When price suppression happens 1) most of the people reject there is anything wrong or malicious about the price drop (even though the fundamental are strong in favor of the asset). In fact, those point out the suppression are called “conspiracy theorists” 2) As price keeps dropping people start despising the asset. See what happened to Gold and Silver since 2011. The more it dropped the more people hated it. Many Gold bugs sold precious metals at the bottom and switched over to Bitcoin and Crypto (when it was at the top.) This exactly what “they” want the retail investor to do as “they” collect more of it at the lower prices.

Therefore, in the 21st century the easiest option is to manipulate the price of an asset so people themselves want to get rid of it without politicians or govts having to face the consequences of banning an asset. Govts and banks have realized that this works far better than banning anything.

Therefore, in my view, bitcoin will not be banned as long as it can be controlled. But its price will continue to drop (with many rallies in between) so the average Joe remains a bag holder in the end, starts despising Bitcoin & sells it at the bottom as Cartel collects more of it at a lower cost average. Bitcoin will be banned (selectively initially) ONLY if the crypto bull rages out of “their” control.

You have a choice

a. Recognize the threat
b. Keep dry powder ready for possible "unimaginable" lows (for years like gold?)
c. Buy Bitcoin DAMN cheap if it hit there
d. DO not sell your Core position (I am still hodling 70% of my position because I cannot tell when it will turn)

Do anything but please DO NOT sell your Bitcoin to the Cartel. In fact, ADD more as they DUMP it on the market.

This is a game of “Wealth-transfer-from-Plebs-to-Elite”. Here is my pinned tweet written on Dec-02–2017 (I warned Well before it started, thank me later)

4th-dim-pinned tweet.JPG

What is the Strategy I am using?

I understand: Trading is difficult. If you cannot handle anxiety, then just Buy DIPS and HODL.

  1. Less of HODL, Less of BTFD
  2. STFR — Sell the F** Rallies
  3. BTFDD — Buy the F** “DEEP” Dips.

“DEEP” is extremely important word here. The DIP must be so DEEP (or bad) that everyone must have given up by this time. Buy ONLY that time.

Please note: Tax filing is very painful when you do too many trades. I myself plan to do more of HODL in 2018 than STFR.

I am not claiming I bought/sold at these points. I am just explaining the strategy with this image.


Where will the price suppression take place?

It will be at the Futures Markets and Futures trading at Crypto exchanges.

How did they do it so far?

Cartel heavily bought Bitcoin at the exchanges starting from 2K all the way unto 12K. They let the market fly until 20K. CME opened on 17th December and they started selling on exchanges. (See one month before and after CME). Since then the price has gone down tracing about -70% so far.

This is from someone on the Gold/Silver side explaining how Bitcoin is being manipulated down. We can learn it from those who have experienced it first-hand for 8 years - this is by TFMetals - twitter.com/TFMetals/status/979733775633575937


How will they do it in the future?

Initially Cartel will continue to suppress the Crypto prices at exchanges until futures market volume builds (track futures Volume here). Once enough volume is built at the futures market will take over. They will not need cartel to work at exchanges anymore. At this point, cartel will move to futures market, which is their home ground anyways. In simple terms, Bitcoin will be sold as Soybean when volume like Soybean is built at CME.

How long will it continue?

Look at the Gold/Silver Markets for the answer. Price-suppression (manipulation) started actively in 2011. Its still going on in 2018

He told “We Will TAME Bitcoin” even before CME started

Do you think Leo Melamed made this comment casually? I think he meant it and you can see it every days since Dec-17–2017 (CME-future’s market Open)


How will this end?

One day Cartel will lose control of the markets. That day will be EPIC. The prices of Bitcoin (and Gold/Silver) will rise astronomically.

My Bitcoin path is 20K to "VERY-LOW-PRICE" to 100K

Many people ask me do you think it will go to 1K? Here is what I suggest


You want to OWN lot of Bitcoins when it ends

Here is my tweet about why.


Why I think Cartel will lose the game eventually, you ask?

See this tweet


So, can the Cartel be defeated?

“I don't think so”

Most of the Crypto community does not believe Cartel exists or there is any kind of coordinated attack going on at Bitcoin. At the most they think it’s Whale or manipulators. They consider everything as “Coincidence”, and that is because it follows Technical Analysis (TA). Of course it will follow TA. The Cartel is investing trillions of dollars behind such efforts, do you think they don’t have highly paid chartists on their payroll? They pay $700 pa for their chartists. How many Twitter-TA-Experts have that income level?

So why did Bitcoin start going down exactly on the evening CME opened? It’s “Coincidence” according to the Bitcoiners. At 20K they were pitching for 100K, but now they say the correction was due anyway and we are seeing that normal 50% dip. This correction will soon be over and we will be going to 20 first and then the moon…so they say.

First they said the correction is because BCH was listed at Coinbase, then they said its Tether subpoena, then they said No, No its Mt. Gox selling. Later on Mt.Gox changed his dates of selling. No its because of facebook ban, then Google ban, then Twitter ban. Market is still falling. What is the next excuse, people?

Therefore, the crypto community as a whole CANNOT come together against Cartel until it’s too late. What is too late? That is the time when most Crypto owners will start hating Bitcoin (see Gold/silver for reference)

Anyways, I wish I am wrong and this does not happen and we will go to 20K and then moon soon.

This is one of my tweets on Dec-10–2018. It’s so true event today.


Here is the image of that “CME-is-just-a-coincidence” in terms of Market cap. Please note the Bitcoin started going down exactly from the evening of CME opened on Dec-17–2017.

So far, 200 Billion Dollars have been wiped out from the Market Cap. ($327B to $130B as on Mar-18–2018). Does this look like a Natural-Correction to you? Let’s hope so.


Why am I doing this?


More at my twitter @Super_Crypto



My post is based on assumption that Gold & Silver prices have been suppressed for last 7 years. If you feel Precious Metals have NOT been manipulated-down then my entire argument falls down. Feel free to throw my theory in the dustbin. Disagreements are welcome because everything is just an “opinion” including mine.

Jury-is-out. Time is the ONLY Answer. Thanks all for a great support.


The Cartel do exist and they control everything on a global scale.
This video explains a lot of it.

So does this one ...

Killer video - thanks for sharing - any idea as to when it was made?

Whistleblower Donald Marshall led me to that video ... I assume it was made around the same time it was published on YT.

I have been looking at your old posts, I think you should be writing more, yes it is all subjective, and you can tell me to go fuck myself, but some of what you wrote has real value, this ain't about upvotes for me, this is about more honest voices around the platform, before the truth community ends up as the silent voice, there is a battle going on, and the mindless are winning.

hey my friend. I want to ask a question. You know me as you have upvoted my posts. my question is I made a comment to lindseys post and now haejin is negative voting where he can on my comments and such. I as you may know have terminal cancer and need my funds here. is there a way to stop him.

what was this video called?
I want to see if I can find it.

Almost 23k views and all over YouTube bitcoiners but only made $13 lol is steemit broken or what?

It's because it's not that good an article, more conspiracy co-incidental correlation. I can't be bothered to explain more, DataDash just did a video on it to debunk some claims:

Watched the video and tbh he doesn't really debunk the claims with enough evidence either. The topic is one of those things where it's extremely hard to gather enough evidence to 100% support the claims. Definitely agree you shouldn't just blindly believe everything in this article, but saying "it's not that good an article" is quite lackluster. What are the usual 200$ trending Steemit articles to you then? >.<''

About the original question, it's because he didn't bit the mighty Steemit bots with his own money. Current upvotes received are mainly from tiny 10-100 steem power users I'd assume.

I hear you on Steemit voting that the value isn't representative of popularity, it's a broken system and we all know it. Like DataDash I wasn't a fan of the angle used of the idea of a cartel, or the analysis on gold or silver, which overall is most of the article really. For example, if there the cartel didn't exist (imagine for a moment) I still think BTC would have still reached $20k over the hype of being listing on a futures exchange - it's what people in the space have been building hype around for years. Furthermore, a natural correction would follow after going parabolic.
The other reason is I think ETFs will happen to Q2, when this is announced the bull market will return. Does this mean that then the cartel found in futures markets will be buying into Bitcoin to pump the price, and then dump it again after? Almost certainly, along with many other day traders, lambo boys and speculators. But does this mean that this cartel would be trying to suppress the price. No.
Until the price reaches $2k then there's not really any hard evidence that the cartel are manipulating the price that I can see. Instead I read lots of TA that tells me I should be buying the dip and selling the rally, like this article, which is actually what is only helping to drive down the price in the short-term.
On principle, because I support decentralized P2P currencies, I don't day trade in a bear market for example. I'm therefore not a fan of the suggestion to be doing this in the article, I find it a lot more damaging than the idea of a cartel manipulating the price. I'd instead argue this article attempts to manipulate the price by encouraging sellers, creating FUD that the price will reach $2k with no evidence of how this would be possible fundamentally, and otherwise promoting scalping in a bear market. Not a fan.
Conspiracies are easy to believe in, they provide comfort where there is confusion and doubt. This doesn't mean they are always accurate or true. I prefer to follow technical analysis that tells me BTC will find a floor between $4k and $6k, which would be in line with it's historical growth and volatility.
When people loose 70% of the value of their BTC temporarily then in my opinion they'll believe anything to make themselves feel better. I wonder how many people panic sold the dip.

He is not encouraging to sell, he is preparing people of what may come, he mentioned how he is holding 75% of his positions still, he gave an opinion of what very well may be occurring, i feel you didn't understand the point to this article and also you may not have completed reading it either and rather were just against the idea of the 'cartel' so disproved. It is a very well written article with proof, citations and valid reasoning, to all their own opinion. Cheers !

to answer your first sentence, On steem you can't expect to just be found by the large stake holders, the best way to get their attention then their vote is to purchase promotion from bots like @promobot and @postpromoter.


My first sentence wasn't a question and yes I'm aware this is how it works, I do this myself like anyone else who wants to effectively buy SP with SBD at a discount. Given that Steemit is meant to be a media platform of organically curated news (from it's users) this is why I called it a broken system, because what actually happens is self-curation. To put it simply most popular articles are those that are payed for, not ones that have been curated by the community. All that would be needed is to adjust the platform to ban self-curation to resolve this issue, it's ironic.

It's more now, never underestimate the Steem community.

Because it was posted 2 days ago and it wasn't promoted.

You obviously haven’t heard of the Steemit voting cartel

This just emphasizes for me how important it is to decouple BTC from all altcoin trading. There just needs to be less of a vulnerability point in that one coin. There need to be many, many, many more trading pairs that have nothing to do with BTC, so that there are simply too many different currencies for anyone to manipulate. Right now most of the limit/stop-limit orders sitting are sitting relative to BTC. So when BTC drops, the fiat conversion of any filled altcoin order also drops with it. But if we can trade STEEM directly with ADA, for example, if any coin can be traded with any other, they can't control that.

thats not gonna work, people always, i mean always, need an anchor for trading, how you gonna decide steem/ada? it will almost definitely through ada/btc and steem/btc, just like everybody need fiat measure of bitcoin, so eventually btc, alts and fiat are all connected together, no exception.

Not true. Think about how the vast majority of people are trading right now using BTC or ETH as the go between when wanting to say, go from STEEM into ADA or vice versa. They look at the current prices of each currency in USD then use a calculator to figure out how much to offer in each leg of the trade. The same will happen with atomic swaps, which are coming, and will be revolutionary in the crypto world. You just will do one set of calculations instead of two.

Very good article, explaining what I had begun to suspect a couple of months ago. Every-time we get within a week of these futures expiring, the price of Bitcoin suddenly starts to head south and it is conveniently accompanied by media FUD stories: the latest being that child pornography found on the Bitcoin blockchain could make owning Bitcoin illegal. This, it now turns out, is not true and the pictures aren't anything remotely illegal.

People said that as the daily volume of the futures is too low to make a difference, especially when compared to the volume of soybeans and corn, to cause a decline in the price of Bitcoin with a market cap significantly higher, but the evidence of the market fluctuations at expiration times told me another story. This also seemed to me to be missing the point: the whales own large amounts of Bitcoin and they have the ability to create large movements downwards, so the volumes on the futures market are a red herring.

Now we learn about the OKEx debacle and this is just the tip of the iceberg and we learn of the spike in the volumes of the US Bitcoin futures market and the intensifying sell volumes across the major exchanges.

It looks to me like Bitcoin has become a trading tool at the moment, with the volatility and ability to manipulate the price in an unregulated market being a traders dream. I don't know how we will see the price predictions for this year. If the value plummets to about 6.5k, or 6k and buy orders kick in, I think this will just turn out to be another bull trap, because the price will fall again when the futures reach expiry. The price of Bitcoin may take-off eventually, but we are heading for choppy waters in the meantime.

While this process of pumping and then dumping around expiration times continues, the altcoins are being killed off. They quickly fall when Bitcoin is dumped, they are too slow to recover when Bitcoin is pumped again and then when dumping starts again they fall even further.

Now, the next futures contract expires on the 18th April and let's just see what happens when we get within a week of that date. As the article says, we'll get plenty of FUD and a corresponding drop in the price of Bitcoin that gathers pace near and on the 18th.

A lot of people think this is just an off the wall conspiracy theory and they are same people who would have scoffed at the idea that the banks knew they could collapse, but it didn't matter to them, because they also knew they would receive government bailouts anyway.

What also concerns me is the CFTCs funding cut of 1%, although they had asked for a 12% increase. The head of the CFTC, Giancarlo, had called for a do-no-harm approach and this cut is a sign that his suggested regulatory approach has overstepped the mark.

Although regulators say they want to ensure they don't regulate in a way that will hinder the blockchain innovations, all the banks and big corporations want the regulators to do is facilitate their appropriation of the blockchain innovations for themselves and then they maintain their control of the financial system.

Man, you've made tens of thousands views. Continue to post, you are in for a good money here.

I loved your post, you have enthusiasm. It still sounds a bit conspiracy in some parts, cartels DO exist they do dumps pumps any kind of manipulation to control money and media etc

I prefer to add what they hate is not bitcoin, they hate blockchain and this decentralization possibility in different things. Bitcoin on currency...

Honestly i can't advise anyone to "hold as much and as long as you can..."
I prefer to say hold as much as you afford to see disappeared... it is possible... crypto can become a myth... history... governors, lobbyists, cartels manipulators whatever you call them, they may win this war.

Last concern of mine:
Crypto and blockchain are great ideas and inventions. History never forgets Satoshi as we never forgot Davinci!
But these extreme fluctuations threatens bitcoin's currency usability.

And one question:
How the gold became precious? This should be studied if you are determining any other thing in such standards. It should be commodity not currency, it should be limited not over the thin air, it should be accepted by several generations not only a glance in history .....

All this kind of moves have been staring us in the face for centuries but the doubting Thomases don't want to believe.

Everything isn't what it seems.

Thanks to technology, they are exposing their hands.

Very informative post @supercrypto1, followed this post from Medium.com here, upvoted, re-steemed, and a new follower gain.

Brilliant - the control by the zionist overlords all spelt out - virtually nobody on Steemit seems to understand this

ever thought that steemit and all these "decentralized" platform are part of the plan making us think we are against the system whereas we are getting drawn into it? Have a look at the way this platform runs there was a post on truth about war on Syria she got over 9000 views and generated less than $2 and at same time there was a post on a bowl of stew it got $40 in half an hour lol a few of us started talking about it since then the views have disappeared, so technically its a centralized decentralized platform, just a thought.

Yes I'm totally thinking along those lines.

There are some very suspicious (CIA?) people in positions of power round here...

There are also real geniuses exposing cutting edge truth. I've learned a lot, made a lot of money from what I've learned about cryptos (most of what is posted is bollocks) and I'm a big fan of Steemit, but I don't trust the underlying motivation for it's establishment.

At this point I think there are several competing objectives here - Steem crypto currency, Steemit blogging platform, Steemit investors, EOS and CIA.

I don't have any predictions what will happen, but I'm here and watching what happens.

OK - now I'll be upfront - you tick every box on my list for a fake account - have you got an intro post or any personal photos or info?

No I'm an Asian lad from uk not the most popular type on social media. never been on social media to be fair just came on here coz first thought it was a way of getting some views across my mates are on twitter and facebook and always complaining they cant say what they wanna get stuff taken down whatever. So on here and Sola load of shit 95% dont speak no english and work together in the villages to vote for each other. Literally 2 other people on there that actually talk ones some feminist and other a Zionist well that's what I can gather. Also the whole blockchain crypto thing to me at first was just mind blowing it still is but the more I think about it the more It worries me in a sense. Its good to be a bit sceptical about people I'm usually the same. I got the rest but what's the EOS thing about?

A zionist and a feminist? Yikes!

The founders of Steemit - Ned and Dan - are having a tech geek war - EOS will be released in 37 days, possibly with an intent of stealing market share from Steemit


Now I'll be upfront again - what part of England and what personal details? - replying without any is the next box on the list and there are hundreds of thousands of fake accounts being set up, so hounding new accounts is the only tactic really.

near leeds west Yorkshire. what about you? and what personal details? bank account sort code are you a Nigerian prince that's gonna make me rich lol
I'm probably gonna try other forums reading about one called uunio or summat and will read about this one the key for me is get in early which kinda sounds like a pyramid scheme but defo works. I'm on telegram aswell Q Hussain. You in any staking platforms? I'm in a few Thorn. Finecoin, Dropil all doing shit but got a feeling they gonna do summat once they get there fingers out

I'm in Wellington NZ - I don't even know what a staking platform is! I just buy crytptos and then change them for other ones - sometimes like buying Bitcoin, holding it for a year and then selling it worked well.

You still haven't come up with a photo - up to about a year ago that was pretty much required - BUT - you have a sense of humour, and fake accounts don't generally have those, so that is a good sign

I suppose so, however the fakers might be on to that and adapting there approach. Time to call in mulder and scully to investigate. LIke I said never been in to social media so not really into posting stuff about myself to be fair pictures wise, plus I been really active when I was younger don't want no kids messaging me saying hi daddy lol I still have a nokia phone mrs and my kid always telling me to get a "proper" phone but don't trust em. With social media and a phone they can literally know everything about you then again nowadays people are open like a book.
Staking is similar to what bitconnect was but that was a lending platform. These are now staking so you buy coins hold on to em they give you daily interest then hopefully price rockets up aswell can be good but risky. What do you do living wise and how old are you? I'm 38 born 1980 last few years of the normal humans before phones internet more tv channels took over.

2 questions what you think of cardano I'm feeling that holding a bit bought at $0.12 holding it for long term and also whats this bandwith on steem do I have to put money on here or does it sort its self out happened to me couple of times now Cheers

This is what i have to say

Had to agree... There is no way all these things happening are just mere coincidences and sentiment of the market just happening.. All these sentiments are just way too calculated and happening the momentum for something to happen... Either case, great article as I saw a lot of it in the commodity market and thought the same with BTC

They are to calculated indeed. Think about how the msm is working. I live in europe, and when you see certain news articles coming in almost simultaneously across the globe ... while in general it takes a day or two before the ‘viral’ news hits the eu news ... i feel something is fishy

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