The Bitcoin Bounce - Up, Down, Up and Back Down It Goes [Bitcoin][Crytpocurrency]

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The Bitcoin Bounce

I am not going to say much at all on this post other that to watch the gif.....


Or will I be posting another one of these when it crosses $7k again?

Full Steem Ahead!

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paso a saludar y extraño que no ha escrito mas,espero este bien,yo siempre escribiendo aprovechando el tiempo a ver que se hace,que pase una feliz noche

Buenas tardes Amigo saludos. Cómo estás usted . Que le ha pasado estoy esperando su nuevo post. Reciba muchas bendiciones, desde la isla de Margarita- venezuela hasta luego

excelente post amigo @streetstyle feliz noche deseo que este bien saludos desde venezuela

Hola amigo buen día gracias por estar pendiente de revisar mis post y dejar su aporte agradecido dios lo bendiga y le multiplique en salud todo lo que hace por ayudarnos ...

Buenos días amigo @streetstyle , le deseo que se encuentre bien . Que le a pasado que no a publicado más post amigo?.

buenos dia amigo esperando su post. que le ha pasado que no ha vuelto a publicar

The solution:) ban sell trades for 1 day... Let people only buy crypto:)

Muchas gracias por su Excelente información. Gracias por su apoyo amigo lo invito visitar mi blog hasta luego y que tenga feliz dia

buenas noches,espero su aporte en mis post ya que ha sido muy bajo el ingreso esta smana,gracias

Indeed, I was hoping that he crossed 7800 this week, but he was stuck. Let's hope for the best.

Oh yeah @streetstyle, these movements that shows Bitcoin are well matched in your GIF and would rather start a steady rise!

When we believe that it will improve its price, it goes backwards ... This is the crazy world of cryptocurrencies

Una pregunta amigo @streetstyle a que se debe está fluctuación del precio del Bitcoin ya que resulta muy inestable y peligroso para invertir en ella en estos momentos. Pero igual sigamos teniendo confianza que dentro de poco se recuperará y podrá superar la barrera de los $ 7000


There are many factors that affect bitcoin volatility @franciscana23 , but a big one has to be the bitcoin whales selling large amounts of bitcoin on the open market, or trading them for other crypto. This is both good and bad. Good long term because it spreads bitcoin in other hands but short term bad because it causes downward pressure on the price. I think as long as we hold the $6000 resistance mark we are good. If it drops more than 5% below that look out below to maybe $5k.
Bitcoin has gone sideways in price after every major bull run until the next one. Summer of 2020 will be interesting.


Gracias por la breve pero buena explicación @streetstyle de por que baja el precio del Bitcoin, entonces lo que tenemos que lugar es que no baje de los $ 6000

aqui mi visita para saludarlo,y felicitar por sus trabajos @streetstyle,saludos y feliz noche.

Btc up is raipdly, but other alt coin on turtle version. I am in a fear!


That is exactly what they want, fear.

According to forecasts, Bitcoin will cross the border at the end of September at 7,500, but for now we will wait.


I like these types of sunny forescasts @magnata but I carry an umbrella just in case.

An excellent gif and he accurately shows the current state of affairs with the Bitcoin course. I hope Bitcoin will grow steadily! Thank you @streetstyle

Up and down always ends with a loss. Trying HOLD is always tempted by the market going up and down.:) Keep optimistic!

Hello my dear @streetstyle I'm here for thanking to you for your supporting.

Me gustaría tener un voto considerable de parte de usted en mi último post. Gracias por el apoyo que me ha brindado, no sabe cuanto vale un sólo STEEM en Venezuela pero vale mucho, me ha sacado de aprietos en más de una ocasión. GRACIAS/Thanks.

Good morning @streetstyle sir
Welcome to steemit. Congratulations for your new post. I appreciate your every post. thanks for sharing this cryptocurrency. best of luck in your every post. thanks

I really hope that the bitcoin price goes up and so the other cryptocurrencies do it too

Do you think the bitcoin price will improve soon?


Not sure @ceciliac I think we go sideways for a while, hoping we hold the $6k mark because if it goes below that then it might hit $5k.

Did it is stay one place in some days.But i donot think that.

It worked OK for me @streetstyle. When it went below 6K Euros I was able to buy a tiny bit more which I will probably turn into Steem but, as usual, I'm wondering if it will keep going down again for a while. 😊

I am new and information is low, but hope btc will raise price and stable very quickly.

Everyone hopes the price of bit coin more going up soon,you are right the price of bitcoin going up and down,bit coin price is not stable,Everyone hopes more big investors invest the money in bitcoin,and the price of bitcoin going up,thanks for sharing,

Hola amigo, buenos días, lo invito a conocer mi último poema, gracias por el apoyo.

A subject of many changes, up and down.

Interesante información, amigo, @streetstyle, en avance con la tecnología. Mis saludos.

We are going to pray that the coin rise. Thank you.

Panic fear and sadness all over the manipulation in the market will push little investors aside forever :(


The short bull run was expected to go down by 30% but the Goldman-Sachs news blown it up it a bit than I expect. Now price goes flatlined and possibly will go up much higher again @stretstyle

very interesting your post, I got insight. Thank you for this post @streetstyle and for sharing your insights :)

Better Bitcoin can only go up , @streetstyle ))

buenas tardes,espero contar con su visita a mis post para poder contar con su apoyo,ya que un poquito aqui es algo,y esperando se mantenga estable el bicoint y llegue a buen precio a diciembre,saludos y cuento con usted,dios le bendiga.

great news, i ll take into account.
unvoted and resteem

We sure are in a trap like situation hope it gets out of it soon

Oh great style to show btc stats. Do you think btc price will increase soon like this jumps? May be it cross 8000 in coming 2 weeks.

indeed,that's the real story of bitcoin. Let's keep holding.

These coins are so volatile, they charge us crazy, with their ups and downs.

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Provide such a great info about btc with great gif. Yes i am greed btc price will go up like this high jump. 7800 is target for this week. Please tell me about steem proce. When it will goes up?

Fulfill your hope Of course 7 dollars. Inshallah

Buenos dias, me paso para agradecer nuevamente por su apoyo ya que con el me he visto muy beneficiado, saludos, exitos y un abrazo desde Venezuela.

@streetstyle, Yes, current position is really tough because once again we are watching the back pushing in the Crypto Sphere.

And this year literally is tough for the Crypto Sphere and for sure prices were really roller-coaster and there are not many happy moments

But life is dynamic and for sure we will going to see the Adversity times so let's hope that once again we will going to attain the growth.

And, in my opinion in recent days we are watching negative aspects around the world for the Crypto Sphere. But patience is really important in crisis.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Bitcoin price prediction for September 2018.
In the beginning price at 7027 Dollars. Maximum price $7675, minimum price $5675. The average for the month $6824. Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $6917, change for September -1.6%.

aqui mi visita para saludarlo y agradecer su voto ya que ha sido de mucho beneficio para mi ,se lo agradezco,feliz inicio de semana saludos desde mi amada venezuela

i am doing same as you do in this blog friend..

Buenas noches mi amigo @streetstyle deseo que se encuentre bien, lo invito a que se pasee por mi post y conozca a mi hijo que hoy está cumpliendo su primer añito .

This is not looking stanility in these jumps. We want stablity and rise. Hope to reach 8000 usd in coming 10 days. We are very hopeful about its rise.

aqui mi visita parasaludarlo y desear una feliz noche

espero su visita amigo

I think the ups and downs of prices are part of the game, and the situation will improve.

Buenas noches mi amigo @streetstyle hay que tener paciencia con esto de criptocurrencies ya que aún no está en sus buenos tiempo,esperemos mejore y supere la barrera saludos deseo este bien amigo.

When there is positive there is negative with bitcoin lot of manipulation going now,heart breaking time for me.

Hola amigo @streetstyle buenos día excelente noticia. Bueno esperemos cierre este año con un buen precio.